Calista Corporation announces final 2020 Proxy Prize Winners

by Calista Staff

Ten Calista (cha-LIS-ta) Corporation Shareholders are winners of the final 2020 Online Regular and Regular proxy prizes for the 46th Annual Meeting of Shareholders.

Nearly 11,000 Shareholders who cast valid proxy votes by 5pm on June 29 qualified for these two rounds of proxy prizes. Three Online Regular prizes were drawn from valid proxy votes cast online. Seven Regular prizes were drawn from all valid paper and online proxy votes. Winners were randomly selected by Sramek Hightower, a certified public accounting firm in Anchorage that serves as the Inspector of Elections.

·$5,000 Online Prize – Priscilla A. Kitsick (Kotlik)

·$2,500 Online/Regular Prizes – Herman W. Morgan (Aniak) and Zacharius B. Clark (Kwigillingok)

·$1,000 Online/Regular Prizes – Joseph R. Amik (Napaskiak), Janice M. Andrew (Napakiak), Nelson N. Angapak, Jr. (Las Vegas, NV), Lucille A. Hunt (Kotlik), William John (Kongiganak), Maggie J. Mark (Nightmute), and Kristin I. M. M. Whitwell (Anchorage).

“Quyana to all Calista Shareholders who voted in the 2020 Board of Directors election and participated in our virtual Annual Meeting on July 3,” said Thom Aparuk Leonard, director of Corporate Communications and Shareholder Services.

Shareholder votes solely decide Board elections. In 2013, both the Board slate and discretionary voting of non-directed votes were eliminated. Non-directed votes are now spread evenly across all candidates for office.

Proxy prizes are only awarded if enough Shareholders vote and quorum is reached. This makes the Annual Meeting valid. The Inspector of Elections stated quorum was reached. Updates and details are posted at