Bristol Bay salmon fishery breaks records

Commercial fishermen urge the EPA to do their job and protect Bristol Bay.

Bristol Bay’s sockeye salmon run set a new record with 63.2 million sockeye returning to the Bristol Bay watershed as of July 20, besting the 2018 record of 62.9 million sockeye.

“This season’s record-breaking salmon run is a reminder of what’s at stake, and what we could lose if we don’t protect Bristol Bay from the proposed Pebble Mine. As Bristol Bay’s thousands of commercial fishermen wrap up this historic season, we are looking to President Biden and the EPA to finish the job the Obama/Biden administration started, and establish Clean Water Act protections for Bristol Bay so that we and future generations can continue to participate in this incredible wild salmon fishery,” said Katherine Carscallen, Commercial Fishermen for Bristol Bay Director.

Earlier this month, Commercial Fishermen for Bristol Bay put out a new series of ads calling on the EPA to “do their job,” echoing Bristol Bay tribes who recently called on the EPA to use its authority under the Clean Water Act’s Section 404(c) to veto the Pebble Mine and restrict hard-rock mining activities in Bristol Bay’s pristine headwaters.