BRHS NYO has started practice

Boys 1 Ft. High Kick during the 2019 State NYO Games. Photo by Greg Lincoln

by Hilary Oscar

The students at Bethel Regional High School student signed up for NYO last week, and are currently practicing every day each week for 3 weeks.

There is going to be a meet next weekend here in Bethel. Juneau students are coming for the meet.

According to Coach Tommy Bayayok, “Practices usually start off with warm ups, then the students get into events held during the practice or personal conditioning and training. Coach Bacus and Bayayok are very excited to see the group of kids that have turned out for fall NYO. Nineteen students have been coming to practices and we hope most will compete with Juneau at Gladys Jung Elementary Virtual NYO meet on October 22-23.”

Ambrea Jackson said, “It’s pretty fun, in practice I do the One Foot High kick, Indian Stick Pull, Alaskan High kick, Seal Hop, and Scissor Broad Jump.”

The events in NYO are Indian Stick Pull, One Foot High Kick, Two Foot High Kick, Seal Hop, One Arm Reach, Scissor Broad Jump, Alaskan High Kick, Kneel Jump, and Wrist Carry.

The reason why NYO is important is because it represents our culture, and every one of those events represents something. For example, Scissor Broad Jump means jumping from ice to ice, you have to jump fast or else the ice with break and you’ll fall through the water.

The Seal Hop is where hunters go up to the seal, like crawling basically, but they made a twist to it.

This article was originally published in the October 15th, 2021 edition of the WarriorWeekly, the student-generated newsletter for Bethel Regional High School.