BRHS confers 66 diplomas to Class of 2018

The BRHS Class of 2018 performs their final Eskimo Dance Yuraq for the community during their graduation ceremony last Friday. Sixty-six seniors turned the tassle, signifying a milestone achievement. photo by Greg Lincoln

by K.J. Lincoln

“Our lives are before us, our past is behind us, our memories are forever within us,” is the motto for the Bethel Regional High School Class of 2018.

Graduation took place last Friday for the sixty-six graduates. Special guests filled the WarriorDome which included members of the Advisory School Board, BRHS Staff and Administration, and the family and friends of the graduates.

Pomp and Circumstance courtesy of the BRHS Band and Music Director Mr. Greg Carlson filled the WarriorDome as the graduates made their last walk through the gym as seniors, and soon to be graduates.

“The community of Bethel will always be here to support you,” said BRHS Principal Mr. Ed Pekar as he gave his opening address. “I am humbled to be your principal.”

Tierney McCormick was the student-selected graduate to give the class address. Her overall gpa is 4.14, earning her a top-honor distinction. Katie Crow, also with a gpa of 4.04 and top-honors, was the staff-selected student to also give a speech. They spoke about how their class works together, their strong wills, and their selflessness, respect, sharing, and the lasting lifetime friendships that were formed.

Tierney McCormick, senior class president, presented the senior class gift which was a donation to Drew’s Foundation.

The Class of 2018 chose their teacher David Aristotle Cronk to be the commencement speaker. He commended the class on their academic accomplishments as well as their successes in sports.

“We have certified welders, nurses, and those entering the armed forces,” he said. “I can’t wait to see where you and up in your near future.” He encouraged them to make memories. He will be leaving BRHS after 14 years of service.

The class treated their guests to a final Eskimo Dance. A slideshow was shown featuring the graduates as adorable babies and toddlers and then again as grown teenagers, now graduates. Tears of happiness and a little bit of sadness flowed from every eye, everyone was very proud.

BRHS Class of 2018

Alison Achee ∆*

Kateyn Alexie *

Martin Alexie-Leonard »

Nels Alexie-Leonard »•

Jarius Allain

Martha Andrew**

Ina Beaver

Cameron Blevins*

Alyssa Boyer

Sheranda Brink

Dorothy Bukowski

Hunter Carter

Lauren Charles ∆*

Preston Charles

Kyle Chung

Clevon Constantine**

Hunter Crace*

Katherine Crow ƥ***

Marissa Crow

Zoe DaCosta ∆**

Ray Daniel »∆***

Kaitlyn Dela Cruz

Natalia Devlin

Thomas Dyment »

Anecia Evan

Dylan Evans

Isaiah Evon

Mathew Ferguson

Austin Fitka

John Fredericks

Darrell Garrison*

Brittany Green

Loretta Green

Avery Hoffman »∆***

Bray Hoover

Leslie Hunter III

Mathew Hunter

Gavin Ingvalson •*

Alvin Jimmie »

Casey Jimmie

Francis Jimmie

Alyssa Jones ***

Scott Kinegak

Gabriel Kylook

Cyrston LePore ∆

Megan Levi

Farrah Lieb*

Lakeisha McCann

Tierney McCormick ƥ***

Margo Mochin »

Travis Moses •***

Kelly O’Brien ∆•***

Damon Oscar

Sean Pope

Dorothy Russell

Kieran Samuelson

Arianna Smith

Seth Smith

Celeste Thomas

Albert Tulik

Quinten Tulik

Caitlyn Twito •**

Jayme Watson

Courtney Williams

Sven Williams »

Gabriella Yatchmenoff*

*Honors 3.50 GPA – blue cord

**High Honors 3.75 GPA – gold cord

***Top Honors 4.0 GPA – blue and gold cord

»Ayaprun Elitnaurvik graduate – silver cord

∆National Honor Society – white stole

•Projected Alaska Performance Scholarship