BNC Board Annual Shareholders Meeting and Election Results

Ana Hoffman

by Ana Hoffman

On May 1, 2021, Bethel Native Corporation held a virtual annual shareholders meeting. At this meeting, Inspectors of Election established quorum and declared shareholders elected Lyman Hoffman, Henry Hunter and Donna Lindsey to the board of directors. Each director serves a three year term.

Bethel Native Corporation shareholders independently determine the outcome of the board elections as there is no board or management endorsed proxy slate. Shareholder participation by proxy is greatly appreciated.

Following the virtual annual meeting, the Board of Directors met and elected Lyman Hoffman to serve as Chairman of the Board. Other officers are: A. Louise Charles, Vice Chair; Mary Kenick, Treasurer; Donna Lindsey, Secretary; Gregory Hoffman, Assistant Secretary; and Directors: Robert Hoffman, Robert Lekander, Henry Hunter Sr., and Alton Alexie.


$1000 Raymond Allen Hoffman, Bethel, AK

$1000 Brian Bosco, Chefornak, AK

$500 Jordon Rochelle Adkins-Garvin, Cottonwood, CA

$500 Mary Kenick, Anchorage, AK

$100 John Paul Guinn, Bethel AK

$100 Helen W. Keller, Bethel, AK

$100 Robyn Analette Turner, Bethel, AK

$100 Paul Simon Oscar, Bethel, AK

$100 Anastasia M. Nelson, Anchorage, AK

$100 Bernice Tobeluk, Anchorage, AK

$100 Howard Clyde Pavil, Wasilla, AK

$100 Dorothy Bourassa, Pawtucket, RI

$100 Rudy Kashatok, Tuluksak, AK

$100 Anne C. Hinz, AK


$1000 Josephine Edna Daniel, Bethel, AK

$1000 Olaf Christian Hofseth, Chandler, IN

$500 Warren William Jones, Quinhagak, AK

$500 Margie H. Frost, Togiak, AK

$100 Della Rae Locker, Deland, FL

$100 Charles Michael Davidson, Anchorage, AK

$100 Darold L. Hoffman, Jr., Bethel, AK

$100 Alaina Aloysius, Anchorage, AK

$100 Carol Rodgers Witt, Georgetown CO

$100 Marie J. McCarr, Anchorage, AK

$100 Gregory T. Hoffman, Bethel, AK

$100 Russell G. Andrews, Anchorage, AK

$100 Christopher R. Nevak, Bethel, AK

$100 Lucy Avalos, Bethel, AK

Bethel Native Corporation is headquartered in Bethel with subsidiary offices in Anchorage. Bethel’s companies are active in construction, logistics, property management, environmental remediation, consulting, water and sewer structure engineering and government contracting. Bethel Native Corporation is also a commercial real estate developer with diversified property holdings in Bethel, Anchorage and Colorado. Ana Hoffman serves as the President/CEO of Bethel Native Corporation and all of its subsidiary companies.