Blackberry Invitational Cross Country Race results

by K.J. Lincoln

Lambert Kairaiuak of Chefornak is the 2018 Blackberry Cross Country Race champion for the high school division. He raced up the Toksook Bay hills and back completing the 5K course in 24 minutes and 52 seconds. Coming in second was his teammate Michael Flynn. Flynn’s time was 26:20.

Two Tununak runners took 1st and 2nd for the girls varsity race. In first was Amanda Kanrilak. Senior runner Reann Lincoln took second.

The Junior High race, which was 3K, was won by Charles Maxie of Toksook Bay for the boys. Tununak’s Shawn Peltola crossed the finish line in second place. For the girls, Rosemary Henry took 1st and finished second overall. Tisha Charlie of Tununak won 2nd for the girls.

The traditional race course was uphill/downhill, rocky, swampy, and muddy in some spots. Fans came to cheer and watch their runners last Saturday, the second day of the annual Blackberry Festival.

“Thank you for coming and for your support!” said Kelsey Hill, Cross Country Coach for Nelson Island School

Blackberry Jr. High Race Results


1st 16:17 Rosemary Henry, OOK

2nd 19:21 Tisha Charlie, TNK

3rd 19:32 Jenna Flynn, TNK

4th 19:35 Amira Albert, TNK

5th 19:50 Renee Flynn, TNK

6th 20:00 Benita Charlie, OOK

7th 21:20 Rebecca Tulik, OOK

8th 21:41 Maryann Wassilie, TNK


1st 15:28 Charles Maxie, OOK

2nd 19:14 Shawn Peltola, TNK

3rd 25m 22s James Oscar, TNK

Varsity girls champion at the Blackberry Festival Fun Run is Amanda Kanrilak of Tununak. She finished the 5K course in 34:53.

High School Girls

1st 34m 53s Amanda Kanrilak, TNK

2nd 41m 2s Reann Lincoln, TNK

Lambert Kairaiuak of Chefornak won the boys high school division race, completing the race in 24:53.


1st 24m 52s Lambert Kairaiuak, CYF

2nd 26m 20s Michael Flynn, CYF

3rd 26m 36s Ataat Henry, OOK

4th 28m 56s Henry Kanuk, CYF

5th 29m 15s Luke Kanrilak, TNK

6th 31m 57s Cody Lincoln, OOK