Bill passes restricting smoking

by Peter Twitchell

I was very pleased to see that our State Legislature passed a bill restricting smoking in taxi cabs. Thirdhand smoke is very unhealthy for passengers who use these cabs of Taxi Cab Permit Holders.
Thirdhand smoke of taxi drivers gets on our clothing and we bring thirdhand smoke home and contaminate our furniture and rugs where babies/toddlers play. I believe thirdhand smoke is full of carcinogens. And, cigarettes put into the air settles inside these taxis.
Some cabs I rode in Bethel stunk to high heaven with thirdhand smoke. It was irritating that the drivers of these cabs were careless and uncaring, in regards to the welfare of kids and their everyday patrons. Those of us who don’t smoke find this offensive.
My understanding of this new law is for the well-being of everyone concerned. My sincere hope is that this law when it goes into effect will be reinforced to the full extent of the law. Those who violate this law should be stripped of their taxi cab permit!
And, of course, fined. Habitual violators should lose points on their driver’s licenses as well. Thirdhand smoke, is as bad, if not worse than First and Secondhand Cigarette Smoke!
I remember taxi drivers who came to Bethel smoking freely in their cabs and I also remember those cab drivers who had developed a cough often left town to go to medical treatments in California, and some of them died of lung cancer.
Thank you State Legislature for protecting innocent children from Thirdhand Smoke.