Bigfoots seen near Tuluksak

This is a drawing of two tall, dark creatures - one taller than the other - that were observed walking on the river ice back in 2013 as told in this story. Illustration by AI

by Arthur Simeon II

Arthur Simeon II passed away on October 28, 2013. He handwrote this story of the sighting of a Bigfoot-like creature that he witnessed before he passed.

The date was May 16th, 2013 and the ice below Tuluksak was pretty solid looking. After a visit to YKHC I returned home via ERA Aviation. A young non-native pilot, about 5’8”, and I returned home on a 206 flying really low, about 200 yards above ground level.

I noticed two dark figures walking on the ice about a half bend below Tuluksak. I mentioned to the pilot, “Look at those two people walking.”

His reply was, “Maybe they’re hunters.”

As we approached closer the two figures were on the passenger side of the small aircraft. I noticed they didn’t have any guns or packsacks – just walking.

As we approached closer I thought to myself, those are pretty big people going nowhere. The smaller one was about shoulder length to the larger one, which seemed to be about 7 to 7 ½ feet tall. Still nothing dawned on me as to what they were.

As we flew right over them the taller one, I presumed to may be the parent, looked up at me. They were covered all in black, shiny hair with no garments on. The larger one which looked at me had a light tan face with black around his eyes.

Even with the reality that these were not humans I gave it no thought because I have seen stranger things. The thought passed by my train of thought as I then paid more attention to the open holes that occurred more numerously as we passed Tuluksak.

After landing then heading home it finally dawned on me! I saw the Bigfoot a lot of people had sighted in the area. I am not ashamed to use my name.

Arthur Simeon II was a resident of Aniak, AK.