BFK9s seeks to lease city land

The Bethel Friends of Canines is seeking to lease a parcel of land next to the dog pound, says a proposed ordinance that is up for introduction at the October 9th regular city council meeting. Council member Leif Albertson is sponsoring the ordinance that would authorize the disposal of the 34’ by 22’ parcel to the BFK9s, a volunteer group committed to saving the lives of animals in Bethel.
BFK9s also takes in animals from the surrounding villages for rescue.
The land is right next to the current pound building. According to proposed Ordinance 18-25, the BFK9s would lease the land and place a building on it that would house the operations of their organization as well as be used for overflow should the pound become full.
If the ordinance is adopted, BFK9s in turn would assist the City by taking over some of the duties at the pound, by working with the City to bring emergency veterinary services to Bethel and the region by providing adoption, rabies vaccination, emergency transport, and spay/neuter subsidies.
The BFK9s is a non-profit organization. Public hearing for this ordinance is also scheduled for the October 23rd meeting.