Beware of phone scam

Currently, there is a scam involving scammers impersonating police officers. They claim a judge has ordered the police to serve an arrest warrant for failure to appear for jury service. They request that individuals purchase gift cards to pay fines to show that they will appear in court and to avoid jail time.

Scammers may also try to warn individuals that police will be sent to their home if they do not immediately pay.

The Alaska Court system does not attempt to collect money from any person for failing to serve as a juror. Police will not be sent by the court to anyone’s home to collect unpaid fines for failing to serve as a juror. Individuals receiving these calls should contact their local police department. If you are able to identify the caller’s phone number provide this information to the police.

Alaska Court System

Anchorage, AK

We need to be treated fairly

I’d like to respond to one of your articles: Volume 24, Issue 16, Wednesday April 20, 2022 – page 6 “Addressing the high rates of missing and murdered Indigenous Persons”.

It gets me upset because the Alaska State Troopers along with other law enforcement agencies and the people that are in positions of power, such as judges, DA’s, and attorneys throughout Alaska claim that all they do is in the best interest of Alaskan Natives when in fact it is the exact opposite.

They find any way they can to imprison Alaskans and hold them in custody against their will. They violate their own rules of professional code of conduct along with my constitutional rights as an Alaskan and American citizen of the United States of America. To get a conviction against that individual person who is charged with a crime whether it be a felony or a misdemeanor.

Even there is sufficient proof of innocence that should require by law that the charges be dismissed against an individual who was charged for the crime. The courts are biased, one sided, and racist towards Alaskan Natives who seek justice for the wrong that was committed against them.

How are “we” as “Alaskan Natives” to get justice? When we’re already condemned and found “guilty” even before we have trial? I’ve had firsthand experience of how much AST cares for Alaskan Natives.

On 4-15-22 I got assaulted by a correctional officer here at YKCC. There’s camera footage that shows the correctional officer assaulting me. The C/O intentionally did so and knew that his actions would cause me physical harm/injury. If it was I, an inmate at YKCC, who assaulted and caused harm/injury upon a correctional officer I would’ve gotten a B-2 write-up and face possible criminal charges.

So it isn’t right or fair that an employee of the State of Alaska that’s currently employed at YKCC/Dept. of Corrections to get away with assault and not get any repercussions or consequences for his actions.

I put in an “RFI” and requested to speak with local law enforcement to file a complaint and press criminal charges against the correctional officer.

On 4-20-22 an Alaska Trooper came to YKCC to conduct an investigation/interview regarding the incident. I told the trooper the facts leading up to the assault. Afterwards the trooper tried to pin the blame on me for getting assaulted by the C/O.

Why is it when an Alaskan Native tries to press charges against a non-native person, especially an employee of the State, the law shows favor towards him/her and dismisses the claims of the victim?

Also why are our cries for help and pleas for aid falling upon deaf ears as our people continue to get mistreated by the courts, local authorities? That’s all I have to say.

Ramond Landlord

YK Correctional Center

Bethel, AK

Example: 9075434113