Bethel’s Washington recognized for Service to Veterans

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At its March 10, 2017 meeting, the Alaska Veterans Advisory Council (AVAC), voted unanimously to recognize six Alaskan’s for their work enhancing the lives of veterans and their families.

Included in the honors was Bethel’s Irene Washington.

“The AVAC wanted to recognize those in their regions that quietly do great things for veterans every day,” said James Hastings, AVAC Chair. “These Alaskan’s work tirelessly behind the scenes and it is important to acknowledge their work”.

This is the first time the AVAC has provided these recognitions. The intent is for the members of the

13-person Council to bring forth names each year that demonstrate significant service, concern, compassion and commitment to Alaska’s veterans.

This year, joining Washington, the following were selected for recognition:

Cameron Carlson (Fairbanks), Earl Valentine (Anchorage), Golden Corral (Anchorage), Margaret Guinn (Bethel), Virginia Walker (Anchorage) and Tim Benintendi (Anchorage).

“It is important to honor those that serve others. The people chosen by the AVAC exemplify service before self”, said Verdie Bowen, Sr., Director of the State Office of Veterans Affairs.

The AVAC is appointed by the Governor and advises the Department of Military and Veterans Affairs on matters concerning the states veterans, dependents, and their survivors. The current members are:

James Hastings (Wasilla, Chair), Ron Huffman (Nome, Vice Chair), Suellyn Wright Novak (Eagle River), Terrance Pardee (Haines), William Sorrells (Eagle River), Pamela Beale (Anchorage), Gerald “Butch” Diotte (Palmer), Phillip Hokenson (Fairbanks), Robert “Ski” Marcinkowski (Fairbanks), Ron Siebels (Anchorage), Steve Williams (Juneau), and Stephen Hovenden (Fairbanks).

The Council is managed by the State Office of Veterans Affairs.

For questions or assistance, contact the State Office of Veterans Affairs, at (907) 334-0874 or toll free (888) 248-3682.