Bethel’s City Clerk awarded Municipal Employee of the Year

Bethel City Clerk Lori Strickler

by John Sargent

Lori Strickler, Bethel’s City Clerk, was given the prestigious Municipal Employee of the Year 2019 Award at the annual banquet of the Alaska Municipal League (AML). The award recognizes outstanding city government employees who not only excel in the performance of their job duties, but take the initiative to do more than what is required, from completing projects to serving as a role model in their profession.

The announcement of the award was a surprise to all in attendance at the annual banquet of the Alaska Local Government Conference, held at the Captain Cook Hotel in Anchorage. Sadly, Lori was not in attendance at the banquet because she attended the Alaska Association of Municipal Clerks training held days earlier and was back in Bethel by banquet time.

Council Member Fred Watson was there to accept the award on behalf of Lori and the City of Bethel. Fred expressed to attendees how valuable a role City Clerks play in government operations and how fortunate he and the other council members were as a result of the great service Lori provided.

“I was on the spin bike at the YK Fitness Center when I received the text about the award,” said Lori. “Minutes later, my phone started ‘blowing up’ from all the texts I received from municipal clerks around the State congratulating me.”

The Alaska Municipal League is a voluntary nonprofit organization of over 160 cities, boroughs, and unified municipalities. The City of Bethel has been a member and active participant in AML for over thirty years.