Bethel’s 4th of July Celebration

Bethel’s theme for the celebration of the annual 4th of July holiday this year is “We the People!” The events will kick off with the parade at 10am followed by games, entertainment and food. The main location of the festivities will be at the Pinky’s Park fairgrounds, off of Akiachak.

4th of July Parade 


The 2019 theme is: WE THE PEOPLE

The beginning of the Preamble to the Constitution.

Registration is online at Parade Registration or call Ronda @ 543-2088

Line up begins at 10:00 am behind the Color Guard and VFW, in number order. Parade start is at the Swanson’s entrance and loops down around Front Street onto Main Street. Please drive down Main Street to get into order.

Please pick up your Judging number from the Bethel 4-H Office at 519 Mission Drive, by the 3rd of July. Office hours 11-5:30pm. Place number on the RIGHT SIDE of your float/group, to be identified by the judges.

It is recommended that each organization have their own liability insurance for the event.

As the parade ends in Pinky’s Park, each group can pause (for not more than 2 minutes) to let people off of their float, then must continue down Akiak and out of the event area. The Fire Trucks (from the end of the parade) are the only ones allowed to park in the event area.

Judges will determine winners and it will be given to the event host at the stage to announce.

Judges will be looking for Best use of Theme, Best Future of Bethel, Best Float, Most Patriotic, Most Creative/Unusual, Most Fun, and Judges Choice.

If you are new to Bethel and interested in being a judge, contact Ronda at 543-2088.

Event Entertainment Information

If you would like to sign up for Stage Performance, please contact Grady at [email protected]. More information will be available soon.

Booth Rental

Bethel Parks & Recreation will be accepting booth rental applications for the 4th of July at the Public Works,1155 Ridgecrest Dr., Monday through Friday please stop by or call 543-3110. All booths are considered reserved when registration forms, rent & cleaning deposit have been collected. Booth spaces are 15’ x 15’.

The organization is not insured under the City of Bethel policy for the event.

Sale or distribution of paraphernalia associated with smoking or illegal drugs is prohibited. There shall be no sale of knives, and smoking paraphernalia to minors. Sale of fart spray, fart bags, silly string spray, spray paint and laser pointers are prohibited.

Road Closure, Parking and Taxi Pick Up Locations

Road closures during the celebration will include all roads entering Pinky’s Park. The parking on the 4th will be limited in City Subdivision. The street will be blocked off on Mission Road at the Youth Center and at the intersection of Akiak and Napakiak.

A taxi lane will be provided across the street from the Bethel 4-H Youth Center. There will only be one way traffic from Osage to the Youth Center all day. There will be no traffic from Osage to the Youth Center all day and no traffic on Akiachak or Akiak up to 243 all day.

Happy 4th of July everyone!