Bethel Wrestling Club grapplers compete at the 2017 Western Regional Tournament

Bethel Wrestler Hayden Lieb takes down an opponent during the 2017 Western Regional Tournament in Idaho. Photo by Patty Smith

7 Bethel Wrestling Club wrestlers competed in the 2017 Western Regional Tournament in Pocatello, ID in June. Prior to the tournament, Landon Smith (Schoolboy) Joseph Smith (Schoolboy), Hayden Lieb (Cadet), Mian Alexie-Leonard (Junior), Thomas Dyment (Junior), Seth Smith (Junior) and Sven Williams (Junior) all participated in a 10 day “Future of Champions” Team Alaska Camp in Anchorage at South Anchorage High School. This was a prep camp for Western Regionals.

The competition started off with Western Duals for Cadets and Juniors on June 16 and 17.

The following are the June 16 Greco results for Bethel wrestlers:

In Greco Match #1 Round #1, Dyment won by forfeit in the 113 weight class, and Lieb won by fall at 0:51 defeating Riley Forcella of Montana 2. Team Alaska defeated Montana 2, 80-11.

For Match #2 Round 2, Utah defeated Alaska 72-22. In this round, Dyment defeated by tech Braydon Mogle of Utah, 11-0. Zak Kohler defeated Lieb, 14-4.

In Match #3 Round 3: Alaska defeated bandit 92-2. In this round, Lieb defeated Peyton Ringling (bandit), 15-4.


or the Match #4 Consolation Bracket team Alaska defeated Idaho 2, 72-18. Dyment defeated Chandler Axtell of Idaho 2 by tech, 10-0 and Lieb took down Alex Barajas, also of Idaho 2, by Fall at 2:22.

Match #5, 5th Place Match: Alaska defeated Montana 52-45. In this round Dyment Alaska won over Jake Bibler, 11-0. In the 138 lbs. division, Dougie Swanson of Montana won over Lieb, 13-11.

For Match #3 Round 3, the team from Arizona defeated Alaska 2, 58-24.

In this round, Sven Williams of Alaska 2 won over Dominik Florez by fall at 0:50 in the 170 weight class.

In the Consolation Bracket Match #4, team Hawaii Blue defeated Alaska 2, 69-31. Williams defeated Reeno Pascual by fall at 1:28.

For Match #5, the 11th Place Match: Alaska 2 defeated Montana 2, 48-24. Williams defeated Caleb Sherril by fall at 3:40.

The following results are from the Freestyle Duals for the Bethel wrestlers:

Match #1 Round 1: Alaska defeated Hawaii Blue 56-22

Dyment over Ikua Tihada, 12-0; Lieb over Jake Ballesteros at 3:46.

Match #2 Round 2: Alaska defeated Montana 2 62-14

Dyment over Hunter Murphy of Montana 2 at 1:13; Morgan McFee defeated Smith by fall at 1:10; Lieb defeated Charlie Klepps of Montana 2 by tech, 10-0.

Match #3 Round 3: Alaska defeated Utah 2 57-26

Dyment beat Danny Khoundet of Utah 2 by fall at 0:50; Lieb defeated Anthony Herrera of Utah, 8-7.

Match #4 Championship Bracket: Utah defeated Alaska 68-5

Gavin Ayotte of Utah defeated Dyment, 15-5; Zak Kohler of Utah defeated Lieb by fall at 2:31.

Match #5 3rd Place Match: Alaska defeated Arizona 42-35

Jesse Ybarra of Arizona beat Dyment, TF 19-8.

2017 Cadet & Junior Folkstyle Wrestling Results

In the Cadet 138 class, Lieb placed 4th overall. He won by decision over Samson Enos of Nevada, 4-2. In the quarterfinals Lieb won by decision over Alex Rubio of Washington, 4-3. In the semifinals Colton Scheer of California won by decision over Lieb 7-0. For the consolation semis Lieb won by fall over Payton Keough of Idaho at 1:31. For the 3rd place match Hunter Meinzen of Montana won by decision over Lieb, 4-2.

Thomas Dyment, wrestling at Junior 113, placed 3rd. In the quarterfinals he won by decision over Juan Campista of Arizona, 6-0. In the semifinals, Steele Dias of Nevada won by decision over Dyment, 4-2. In the consolation semis Dyment won by decision over Blake Wene of Arizona, 4-0. For the 3rd place match he won by decision over Evan Taylor of California, 7-2. In the 2nd place match, Carlos Posas, California won by fall at 2:54.

For the Junior 126 division Seth Smith won by decision over Gage Shipley of Oregon, 3-1. In the following matches, Smith fell to Gideon Hutchison of Alaska and Colton Evans of Idaho.

Mianaq Alexie-Leonard wrestled in the Junior 145 weight class. He was defeated by Evan Killgore of Arizona in round 2. Alexie-Leonard won by decision over Michael Alawneh of California and was defeated by Dallas Howard (Oregon) in the following consolation rounds.

For the Junior 170 group Sven Williams won by fall over Hunter Servis of Oregon. In the following rounds Matthew Alejandro of Nevada won by fall over Williams and Reeno Pascual of Hawaii won in sudden victory.

2017 Cadet & Junior Greco Western Regionals Results

In the Cadet 138 class Hayden Lieb lost by decision to Samson Enos of Nevada, 5-3. In consolation round 2 Tyler Green of Nevada won by tech fall over Lieb, 12-1.

Dyment placed 2nd overall. He won by tech fall over Evan Taylor of California, 14-4 and beat Blake Wene of Arizona, 10-6. For the 1st place match Steele Dias of Nevada won by tech fall over Dyment, 12-1. In the 2nd place match Dyment won by rule over Blake Wene of Arizona.

In the Junior 126 weight class, Seth Smith won by tech fall over Joshua Tripp of Nevada, TF 12-1. In the following matches, Jordan Grimm of Idaho won by fall over Smith at 3:53 and Brian Lujan of Arizona also defeated Smith, 14-13.

Mianaq Alexie-Leonard competed in the Junior 145 division. He was defeated by Ezekial Williamson of Idaho by tech fall, 10-0. In the following rounds he won by injury default over Evan Killgore of Arizona. He also won by tech fall over Dallas Howard of Oregon, 10-0. He lost to Kai Stewart of Montana, Dec 10-5.

For the Junior 170 group, Sven Williams won by fall over Reeno Pascual by fall at 0:50.

He also defeated Juan Lopez Sandoval of Oregon at 2:34. Antonio Khanthasa of California won by tech fall over Williams, 10-0 as did Matthew Alejandro of Nevada, 8-0.

Cadet Hayden Lieb and Junior Thomas Dyment will be competing at the 2017 Freestyle & Greco Roman National Championship tournament held at North Dakota State University in Fargo, ND in July. Dates are July 15-22, 2017. Both will be heading to Fairbanks for the Team Alaska Prep Camp for nationals from July 5-13. Bethel Wrestling hosted a car wash fundraiser for this event on Saturday, July 1st at the City Hall. Please wish these two fine young men good luck at Nationals. This tournament can earn wrestlers All-American status in Freestyle and/or Greco Roman AND this is where a lot of the college coaches keep an eye out for those worthy of a college scholarship.

To Be Continued: We will post the rest of the results in next week’s issue of the Delta Discovery, quyana!