Bethel Scramble: Elementary and Jr. High wrestling results

Claire Dyment of Ayaprun Elitnaurvik and Driel O'Brien of Gladys Jung School wrestle in the girls 84 lbs. weight division.

Boys and girls in elementary and junior high grades wrestled alongside their varsity counterparts at the Bethel Scramble this past weekend. Wrestlers hailed from Anchorage Independent, Chevak, Dillingham, Hooper Bay, Kalskag, Napaskiak, Newhalen, Scammon Bay, joining the Bethel teams from Bethel Jr. High School and Gladys Jung Elementary.

There were six weight divisions for the girls and eight for the boys.

Elementary and Jr. High Tournament Results

Elem/Jr. High – 70G

1st Patsy Sundown, Scammon Bay

2nd Maya Iverson, GJE

3rd Codi Hancock, GJE

4th Khloe Anderson, GJE

5th Sophia Alexie, Kalskag

Elem/Jr. High – 77

1st Aidan Crow, Bethel Jr. High

2nd Harren Hill, Kalskag

3rd Jack Abalama, GJE

4th Bennett Sorg, GJE

5th Ari Kaiser, GJE

6th Harlen Attatayuk, GJE

Elem/Jr. High – 84

1st Cole Iverson, GJE

2nd Laiton Pingayak, Chevak

3rd Seth Gilila, GJE

4th Sam Hunter, Scammon Bay

5th Gus Fonkert, Dillingham

6th Cody Kerr, Kalskag

7th Andrew Charlie, GJE

8th David Tomas, GJE

12th Chase Nicholai, GJE

Elem/Jr. High – 84G

1st Claire Dyment, GJE

2nd Kathleen Akerelrea, Scammon Bay

3rd Saige Wheeler, GJE

4th Mildred Temple, GJE

5th Driel O`Brien, GJE

Elem/Jr. High – 91

1st Christian Chandler, Scammon Bay

2nd August Reigh, Dillingham

3rd Shiah Rivers, Scammon Bay

4th Steven Butte, Bethel Jr. High

5th Maximos Lonewolf, GJE

6th Henry Nicholai, GJE

7th Brayden Samuelson, GJE

Elem/Jr. High – 98

1st Jake Neketa, Dillingham

2nd Clay Martin, Dillingham

3rd Cody Evan, Kalskag

4th Oakley Andrew, GJE

5th Lawrence Charles, GJE

6th Owyn Ulak, GJE

Elem/Jr. High – 98G

1st Ida Lester, Newhalen

2nd Mary Evon, GJE

3rd Emilyn Herron, GJE

4th Jayna Vanasse, GJE

5th Thea Vanasse, GJE

6th Kaylene Fitzpatrick, GJE

Elem/Jr. High – 105

1st Jackson Iverson, Bethel Jr. High

2nd Ryley Young, Dillingham

3rd Roy Hoffman, Dillingham

4th Toby Sundown, Scammon Bay

5th Royce Akerelrea, Scammon Bay

6th Carver Hancock, GJE

7th Cole Moses, GJE

8th Connor Solesbee, GJE

Elem/Jr. High – 105G

1st Pagen Lester, Newhalen

2nd Leyna Ulroan, Chevak

3rd Gabriella Sanbei, GJE

4th Ooyuan Pavilla, GJE

Elem/Jr. High – 110

1st Dylan McIntyre, Bethel Jr. High

2nd Kade Latham, GJE

3rd Brenton Larson, GJE

4th Sean O`Hearn, GJE

Elem/Jr. High – 118G

1st Izzabelle Savo, Dillingham

2nd Alora Wassily, Dillingham

3rd Heavan Copeland, Chevak

4th Christalyn Smart, Hooper Bay

5th Lacey Samuelson, Bethel Jr. High

6th Aayla Kaganak, Scammon Bay

7th Ivy Ishnook, Newhalen

8th Isabelle Fitka, GJE

12th Rachel Thomas, GJE

12th Ariana Bell, Hooper Bay

Elem/Jr. High – 132G

1st Halena Slats, Chevak

2nd Ashlynn Lonewolf, Bethel Jr. High

3rd Riley Boney, Bethel Jr. High

4th Rayla Kaganak, Scammon Bay

5th Justine Erickson-Bradney, Bethel Jr. High

6th Harmony Larson, Dillingham

7th Angela Ayuluk, Chevak

Elem/Jr. High – 140

1st Kendall Ulroan, Chevak

2nd Olen Shears, Dillingham

3rd Ethan Wheeler, Bethel Jr. High

4th James McMillen, Bethel Jr. High

5th Charlie Powers, Anchorage Independent

6th Dallas Kaganak, Scammon Bay

Elem/Jr. High – 160

1st Jake Carmichael, Napaskiak

2nd Devin Chaney, GJE

3rd Shayne Baily, Dillingham

4th Carter Evon, GJE

*GJE – Gladys Jung Elementary

Bethel Warriors host Wrestling Scramble Tournament

by Delta Discovery Staff

The Bethel Warriors hosted a weekend of wrestling at the WarriorDome last Friday and Saturday. Teams from Anchorage Independent, Bethel Jr. High, Chevak, Dillingham, Emmonak, Gladys Jung Elementary, Hooper Bay, Kalskag, Mountain Village, Napaskiak, Newhalen, Nome, Scammon Bay, St. Mary’s, and Unalaska participated in the event.

There was a total of 194 wrestlers in all from sixteen different schools.

“Here are the individual results from our Scramble that we hosted this past weekend, no Team scores were kept,” wrote Bethel Regional High School head coach Darren Lieb. “515 matches were wrestled and it was great to see old and new faces competing in our gym again.”

There were divisions for girls and boys for the high school. Four (4) high school wrestlers were voted Outstanding Wrestlers at the meet:

Outstanding Female Wrestler from 103 lbs. – 130 lbs. Natalie Tobuk – Nome Beltz

Outstanding Female Wrestler from 135 lbs. – 235 lbs. Aileen Lester – Newhalen

Outstanding Male Wrestler from 103 lbs. – 145 lbs. Landon Smith – BRHS

Outstanding Male Wrestler from 152 lbs. – 285 lbs. Zach Kolbe – Dillingham

Elementary and Junior High also had brackets at the event.

2021 Bethel Scramble High School Boys Results

High School Boys – 112

1st Seth Jacob, Napaskiak

2nd Alvino Vasquez, Bethel

3rd Liam Phelan, Bethel

4th Truth O`Brien, Hooper Bay

High School Boys – 119

1st Noah Sage, Dillingham

2nd Sheldon Smith, Bethel

3rd Marshal Nicholai, Napaskiak

4th Ayagarak Bill, Mt. Village

5th Aubrey Kasayuli, Scammon Bay

High School Boys – 125

1st Landon Smith, Bethel

2nd Paul Dyment, Bethel

3rd Kaden Tangiegak, Chevak

4th Frank Tunutmoak, Scammon Bay

5th Jermaine Smith, Hooper Bay

High School Boys – 130

1st Joseph Smith, Bethel

2nd Aaron Mute, Bethel

3rd Ace Hill, Chevak

4th Keegan Tangiegak, Chevak

5th George Samuelson, Napaskiak

6th Dante Nukusuk, Hooper Bay

High School Boys – 135

1st Demetry Hoseth, Dillingham

2nd Cassius Sundown, Scammon Bay

3rd Shawn McIntyre, Bethel

4th Justin Atchak, Chevak

5th Logan Moore, Emmonak

High School Boys – 140

1st Thomas Hannon, Nome

2nd Liam Pingayak, Chevak

3rd Nafre Bagongon, Emmonak

4th Chase Huffmon, Dillingham

5th Awesome Ulroan, Chevak

6th Jonathan Wassily, Dillingham

7th Darrell Andrews, Emmonak

8th Matthew Andrews, Mt. Village

9th Montell Bell, Hooper Bay

High School Boys – 145

1st Charles Smith, Bethel

2nd Ty Kolbe, Dillingham

3rd Andy Peterson, Nome

4th John Pingayak, Chevak

5th Brendon Crane, Emmonak

6th Evan Neketa, Dillingham

7th Mitchell Kaganak, Scammon Bay

8th Jonah Kaganak, Scammon Bay

9th Kevinn Hendrickson, Mt. Village

High School Boys – 152

1st Karlin Ahwinona-Smith, Nome

2nd Graelin Chaney, Dillingham

3rd Jordan Leinberger, Bethel

4th Jaden Jorgenson, Nome

5th Stewie Sundown, Scammon Bay

6th Phuc Ho, Unalaska

7th Dawsen Joe, St. Marys

High School Boys – 160

1st Zach Kolbe, Dillingham

2nd Adrian Kopanuk, Scammon Bay

3rd Avron Atchak, Chevak

4th Cameron Tai, St. Marys

5th Ellis Johnson, Bethel

6th Bradley Uisok, Emmonak

7th Brenton Uisok, Emmonak

8th Miguel Torres, Unalaska

9th Greg Larson, Napaskiak

10th Braxton Peters, Dillingham

High School Boys – 171

1st David Beans, St. Marys

2nd Edmond Pingayak, Hooper Bay

3rd Owen Bill, Mt. Village

4th William Iyatunguk, Mt. Village

High School Boys – 189

1st Lucas Marvin, Nome

2nd Mason Fitka, Bethel

3rd Thomas Tinker, Dillingham

4th David Wetter, Dillingham

5th Cyrus Anaruk, Bethel

6th Stephen Nguyen, Unalaska

7th Ethan George, Nome

High School Boys – 285

1st Ethan Alstrom, St. Marys

2nd Matheas Lopez, Unalaska

3rd Ian Anelon, Newhalen

4th Jeffery Tunutmoak, Scammon Bay

5th Landon Burke, Bethel

6th Josh Evan, Kalskag

Running to wrestling Bethel Scramble High School girls results

by Delta Discovery Staff

Fresh from closing out their running season with the race at the state cross country meet on October 9th, 2021, several Bethel Regional High School and other runners from the region could be found grappling at the Bethel Wrestling Scramble tournament this past weekend.

For Bethel there is Cadence Cedars competing in the 112 weight class, she won the gold medal. Jordan Klejka won fourth in her 125 weight division. Fiona Phelan also wrestled in the 130 bracket, winning second place. Alqaq Katherine Small took 3rd in the 135 division. 145 lb. wrestler Payton Boney also won third in her bracket.

Other runners who wrestled include Michele Andrews of St. Mary’s, Natallie Tobuk of Nome, and Aileen Lester of Newhalen. Both Tobuk and Lester were awarded the Outstanding Female Wrestler Award. Tobuk for the 103 lbs. – 130 lbs. divisions and Lester for the 135 lbs. – 235 lbs. weight classes.

The WarriorDome was bustling with wrestling going on on three mats. Lady wrestlers hailed from Chevak, Dillingham, Emmonak, Napaskiak, Scammon Bay, St. Mary’s, and from as far away as Newhalen, Nome, and Unalaska to compete.

2021 Bethel Scramble High School Girls Results

High School Girls – 103G

1st Angelina Chiklak, Chevak

2nd Ashley Tinker, St. Marys

3rd Kristen Maxie, Napaskiak

High School Girls – 112G

1st Cadence Cedars, Bethel

2nd Emilie Madson, Bethel

3rd Jacey Morris, Unalaska

4th Glenda Afcan, St. Marys

High School Girls – 125G

1st Kilee Fratis, Emmonak

2nd Flora Nanuk, Scammon Bay

3rd Michele Andrews, St. Marys

4th Jordan Klejka, Bethel

5th Gisa Reigh, Dillingham

High School Girls – 130G

1st Natallie Tobuk, Nome High School

2nd Fiona Phelan, Bethel

3rd April Uttereyuk, Scammon Bay

4th Henrietta Kelly, St. Marys

High School Girls – 135G

1st Aileen Lester, Newhalen

2nd Katie Smith, Nome High School

3rd Katherine Small, Bethel

4th Briella Herron, Bethel

5th Hilary Larson, Napaskiak

6th Diamond Kinegak, St. Marys

High School Girls – 145G

1st Kaylee Simon, Scammon Bay

2nd Sandra Tunutmoak, Scammon Bay

3rd Payton Boney, Bethel

4th Laci Andrew, Dillingham

5th Lacey Sherman, Nome High School

High School Girls – 160G

1st Kirsten Henning, Unalaska

2nd Weslyn Rivers, Scammon Bay

3rd Dory Cholok, Scammon Bay