Bethel PD February report and fugitive retrieval results with U.S. Marshals

The Bethel Police Department is seeking to fill two peace officer positions, two community service patrol positions, and one community service officer position is open.

Calls for service in February 2021 were 1,093. There were 125 calls for intoxicated pedestrians, which is down from 195 from January 2021.

There were 21 driving under the influence calls, which is up from January’s 13 DUI calls. Calls for domestic violence for February 2021 is at 20, down from January’s 39 calls.

Calls for animals is also down, 46 in February and 54 in January. There were zero animal bite reports for the month of February.

Sexual assault reports are at 5, the same as for January. Death investigations is at 2 for February, as was for January.

Between February 16 and 19, 2021 – the Bethel Police Department and the U.S. Marshals Office conducted a joint fugitive retrieval operation resulting in the arrest and seizure of the following:

Tsatoke Lonewolf of Bethel, Misdemeanor Warrant for Assault; Alan Stuart of Bethel, Felony Warrant for Assault; John Karels of Bethel, Felony Warrant for Sexual Assault; Jacob Berry of Bethel, Felony Possession of Narcotics; Dane Hodgdon of Dillingham, Violation of Probation; Joseph Chief of Bethel, original charges of Misdemanor Fail to Stop at the Direction of a Police Officer, Misdemeanor Weapons Offense, Misdemeanor Possession of Narcotics, and Felony Hinder Prosection; and Adrian Hoffman of Bethel, Felony Warrant for Weapons Offense, Misdemeanor Warrant for Criminal Trespassing, and two Misdemeanor Warrants for Assault.

The joint operation also resulted in the seizure of one firearm, over $36,000 in cash, approximately 55 grams of heroin, and 25 grams of cocaine (estimated street value of $50,000).

Three Bethel officers including Chief of Police Simmons completed the resident reciprocity academy for three weeks in Sitka.