Bethel PD calls for service for September

photo by Greg Lincoln

The City of Bethel Police Department received 1,331 calls for service in the month of September 2018. This is similar to the number of calls in August, says a report from the Bethel PD, but is approximately 400 calls fewer than the same period in 2017. However, the calls requiring investigative reports is nearly 20 calls higher than the same time period in 2017.
The calls for intoxicated pedestrians went up by 20 compared to August but notably is down by 300 compared to September 2017.
Domestic violence investigations have remained fairly consistent from the same period in 2017 as well as other assault investigations which are down by nearly 20 from 2017, says the report.
Also in September were 15 Driving While Intoxicated investigations which resulted in 8 arrests compared to 22 investigations resulting in 2 arrests for the same period last year.
Deaths due to causes other than natural continue to be significantly lower with none last month compared to 3 last year.
There have been 40 animal control calls with one reported dog bite.
Currently Bethel PD has filled all of its dispatch positions and all CSP and CSO positions are fully staffed.
This information is courtesy of the monthly report submitted to the Bethel City Council, October 9th, 2018.