Bethel Kids October 1st Voting Results

Bethel kids voted during the October 1st city election this year. On the ballot were choices for their favorite sport and also what to name the new playing field in Pinky’s Park.

Kids through 2nd grade voted that basketball was their favorite sport with soccer coming in close second. The other two choices were baseball and football.

The youth (3rd-12th grade) ballot was to help name the new playing field in Bethel. The choices included: Frontier Field, Big Dipper Field, Nunapik Field, and Aquivik Field. Big Dipper was the clear winner at 230 votes with Aquivik a close second with 210 votes. Frontier Field received 163 votes, and Nunapik Field got 144.

“We would like to send out a big thank you to the University of Alaska 4H, and all of the LKSD teachers that assisted the City with the Kids Vote this year!” wrote the City of Bethel. Good job kids!