Bethel grapplers win GJE Invite

by Tommy Wells

Anna Avalos, Mason Fitka, Trinity Geerdts, Brianna Henry, Tyler Laraux, Isabel Lieb, Axel Madson, and Sheldon Smith all came away from the Gladys Jung Elementary/Junior High Invitational meet with first-place finishes, and because of their efforts, so did Bethel Regional Junior High School.
The BRJHS wrestlers rolled up 235.5 points in the tournament and cruised to an easy victory. The Bethel squad finished more than 43 points ahead of their nearest competitor Gladys Jung, which checked in at No. 2 in the standings with 192, Scammon Bay placed third with 147.
Madson collected the first of BRJHS’ golds by winning the boys’ 98-pound title. He edged out Cassius Sundown in the first-place match by a 9-3 clip.
Lieb won the girls’ 120-pound bracket with a win by fall over Scammon’s April Uttereyuk.
Trinity Geerdts also claimed a win in the girls’ division. She took the 100-pound championship with a win over Tuntutuliak’s Shalisa McDalton.
In the tough 126 lbs. boys division, Tyler Laraux defeated Brandon Tunutmoak of Scammon Bay to win 1st place. His teammate Wilson Kanuk took 5th.
BRJH’s Anna Avalos also took home the gold in the girls 130 lb. division. She defeated GJE’s Madison McMillen.
Fitka took the boys’ 119-pound title with a thrilling 6-5 win over Palmer’s LeVontae Brown.
The BRJH girls swept the top three spots in the 110 lb. bracket. Brianna Henry took 1st, with teammates Hannah Howell and Carliese O’Brien taking second and third.
Gladys Jung Elementary/Junior High Invitational Final Results
Elementary/Jr. High – 65
1. Golga Egoak, Napaskiak
2. Jason Ekamrak, Akiachak
3. Ralphie Steeves, Aniak
4. Julian Sebastian, GJE
5. Julie Daniel, GJE
6. Steven Butte, GJE
Elementary/JH – 70
1. Sheldon Smith, GJE
2. Jackson Iverson, GJE
3. Franz Fermoyle, Chevak
4. Keegan Ward, Aniak
5. Gideon Bedingfield, GJE
6. Amelia Bayer, GJE
Elementary/JH – 77
1. Alvino Vasquez, GJE
2. Vyshonne Chingliak, Akiachak
3. Jonah Andrew, Napaskiak
4. Shea Stone, Akiachak
5. Dylan McIntyre, GJE
6. Toby Sundown, Scammon Bay
Elementary/JH – 84
1. Daylon Brown, Quinhagak
2. Matthias Gilila, Napaskiak
3. Josiah Sundown, Scammon Bay
4. Dylan Nicholson, Aniak
5. Brad Judy, GJE
6. Jeremy Martin, GJE
Elementary/JH – 91
1. Cody Vansiegman, Palmer
2. Abraham Fisher, Kwethluk
3. Ethan Wheeler, GJE
4. James McMillen, GJE
5. Kendall Ulroan, Chevak
6. Kevin Gilila, Napaskiak
Elementary/JH – 98
1. Axel Madson, Bethel JH
2. Cassius Sundown, Scammon Bay
3. Antone Jacob, Napaskiak
4. Aaron Mute, Bethel JH
5. Shawn McIntyre, GJE
6. Jay Afcan, St. Mary`s
Elementary/JH – 105
1. Peter Tuluk, Chevak
2. Stewie Kaganak, Scammon Bay
3. Carson Corbridge, Palmer
4. Ignatius Hunter, Quinhagak
5. Roth Powers, South Anchorage Independent
6. Patricio Vasquez, Bethel JH
Elementary/JH – 112
1. Nelson Egoak, Napaskiak
2. Ellis Johnson, Bethel JH
3. Tyson Maxie, Kwethluk
4. Jonathan Alexie, Quinhagak
5. Ryan Steeves, Aniak
6. Charles James, Akiachak
Elementary/JH – 119
1. Mason Fitka, Bethel JH
2. LeVontae Brown, Palmer
3. Kaden Tangiegak, Chevak
4. Elden Caple, Palmer
5. Cyrus Chief, Mt. Village
6. Awesome Ulroan, Chevak
Elementary/JH – 126
1. Tyler Laraux, Bethel JH
2. Brandon Tunutmoak, Scammon Bay
3.Spencer Jacobs, Palmer
4. Jeremy Journey, St. Mary`s
5. Wilson Kanuk, Bethel JH
6. Aiden Fultze, Kalskag
Elementary/JH – 133
1. Adrian Kopanuk, Scammon Bay
2. Bradley Jackson, Kwethluk
3. Jeremiah Jerry, Bethel JH
4. Sherman Kelila, Aniak
5. Caleb Long, Mt. Village
6. John Brink, GJE
Elementary/JH – 140
1. Landon Burke, GJE
2. William Morgan, Aniak
3. Zahcory Jacobs-McDonald, GJE
Elementary/JH – 155
1. Conner Journey, St. Mary`s
2. Brodie Alcantra, Palmer
3. Gavin Mason, Palmer
4. Keanu Tangiegak, Chevak
5. Stephanie Overton, Aniak
Elementary/JH – 275
1. Paul Isaac, Marshall
Elementary/JH – 80
1. Ashlynn Lonewolf, GJE
2. Laney Green, Chevak
3. Angelina Chiklak, Mt. Village
4. Kalista Douglas, GJE
5. Isabella Fitka, Marshall
Elementary/JH – 90
1. Michelle Atcherian, Chevak
2. Chayland Pleasant, Quinhagak
3. Briella Herron, GJE
4. Ciera Harpak, Bethel JH
5. Emma Friendly, Tuntutuliak
6. Riley Boney, GJE
Elementary/JH – 100
1. Trinity Geerdts, Bethel JH
2. Shalisa McDalton, Tuntutuliak
3. Raylene Henry, Akiachak
4. Salecia Boots, Marshall
5. Bianca Clyde, GJE
Elementary/JH – 110
1. Brianna Henry, Bethel JH
2. Hannah Howell, Bethel JH
3. Carliese O`Brien, Bethel JH
4. Weslyn Rivers, Scammon Bay
5. Maya Komulainen, Bethel JH
6. Melissa Engebreth, GJE
Elementary/JH – 120
1. Isabel Lieb, Bethel JH
2. April Uttereyuk, Scammon Bay
3. Marina Westdahl, St. Mary`s
4. Marisa Boliver, Marshall
5. Tiffany Laraux, Bethel JH
6. Abrianna Chaney, GJE
Elementary/JH – 130
1, Anna Avalos, Bethel JH
2. Madison McMillen, GJE
3. Reena Turner, Bethel JH
4. Chandra Stone, Tuntutuliak
5. Anya Beans, Mt. Village
6. Makenna Beans, St. Mary`s
Elementary/JH – 133
1. Adrian Kopanuk, Scammon Bay
2. Bradley Jackson, Kwethluk
3. Jeremiah Jerry, Bethel JH
4. Sherman Kelila, Aniak
5. Caleb Long, Mt. Village
6. John Brink, GJE
Elementary/JH – 140
1. Larissa Evan, Mt. Village
2. Ivory Hernandez, St. Mary`s
3. Emma Duny, Marshall

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