Bethel Fire Department Calls for week ending May 30

• The department received the 2021 State of Alaska Homeland Security SHSP grant award for the purchase of new portable and mobile radios to replace obsolete equipment. This equipment will be purchased from ProComm Alaska through Sourcewell Contract #36273.

• The department and City Grant Manager prepared an application for the 2022 State of Alaska Homeland Security SHSP Grant for the purchase of Class A and Class B firefighting foam. Additionally, the department is planning to obtain DHS funding for security fencing, cameras, and lighting for the fire training tower located near the Public Works Shop.

• It was discovered that the fire station needs foundation leveling, especially under the hose tower. The hose tower was leveled several years ago and now the floor is separating from the wall. This has the potential to cause significant water damage. The water/sewer utility connection’s insulated box is currently separating from the exterior wall, which could cause freeze-ups. Additionally, the thermo-siphons that keep the ground frozen around the fire station’s wood foundation piles need to be inspected and serviced. Arctic Foundations, Inc. conducted their inspection of the thermosyphons and have issued a report. This issue will be discussed with the City of Bethel’s Engineer to formulate a strategy to deal with the foundation issues. A geotechnical foundation study will be performed for the fire station soon to develop a plan to improve the fire station foundation.

• The department his continually recruiting for volunteer members to serve as firefighters, ETT/EMT’s, and support personnel. Become a volunteer today!

• 5/29/2022 Firefighters extinguished a wildfire.

• 5/26/2022 Firefighters responded to a building fire.

• 5/22/2022 Firefighters responded to a fire at the landfill.

• 5/19/2022 Firefighters responded to a small brush fire that was extinguished by property owners.

• Additionally, firefighters have responded to 34 medical incidents and 3 additional fire incidents during the time of 5/16/22 – 5/30/22.

• Reminder: The Bethel Fire Department has responded to multiple wildfires in the month of May. The weather is growing hot and dry! Wildfires are going to pick up, please make an effort to put campfires out before you leave them and dial 911 to report possible wildfires!

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