Bethel Council approves purchase agreement for 6 new water trucks

The City of Bethel Council voted to authorize the City Manager to negotiate and execute a purchase agreement to buy six new water trucks.

Back on December 11th, 2018, the city council voted to approve the Avenues Project. The project includes the purchase of six new water trucks. Council also approved the use of Kenworth Alaska, Inc. as a single source vendor for the sale and purchase of the water trucks.

The total for the trucks is $1,553,916. The City intends to utilize the funds from the USDA Avenues project to make the purchase. The water trucks are from the same manufacturer as the recently purchased sewer trucks.

Action Memorandum 19-07, which details the authorization, was approved during council’s January 8th, 2019 regular meeting. AM 19-07 was introduced by City Manager Pete Williams.

The funds are not yet in the City’s budget.

“These trucks are due to arrive at two different times. One is approximately the middle of next summer, the last set on the last barge of the year,” said City Manager Pete Williams. “By that time, the loan is in place and the USDA paperwork out of the way and (they) would be purchased with the funds from the loan.”

AM 19-07 passed by a vote of 5-1. Voting in favor were Mayor Fred Watson, and council members Mitchell Forbes, Perry Barr, Carole Jung-Jordan, and Fritz Charles. Voting in opposition was Vice Mayor Thor Williams. According to meeting minutes, council member Leif Albertson was absent.