Bethel Community Action Grant open for applicants

The City of Bethel’s Community Action Grant is now accepting applications for their 1st quarter grants. The application period opened January 29th and will close on February 28th, 2021. The City of Bethel has established a Community Action Grant (CAG) Program to allow community organizations and individuals to request financial support from the City for civic programs or events that contribute to the health, welfare and overall lives of the residents of Bethel, especially its most vulnerable populations.

The purpose of the grant program is to advance and enhance the community’s opportunities, sustainability, and wellbeing. The City encourages projects and programs with components that foster community wellness, directly impact the community’s vulnerable populations and/or provide civic engagement of Bethel residents and project beneficiaries.

Funding for the program comes from 20% of the Alcohol Tax collected by the City. Back in January 2020, Bethel went back into local option resulting in reduced sales tax on alcohol. Sales tax is still collected from restaurant alcoholic beverage sales.

The Community Action Grant Board will be meeting on March 3rd and March 10th, 2021 to review the applications. Payment will be made on March 26th, 2021 pending council approval.