Bethel City Election Results

Local option ballot initiative fails

The City of Bethel election results are in and are scheduled to be adopted by the City Council during their October 9th, 2018 regular meeting.
Receiving the most votes was incumbent Vice Mayor Fred Watson for the city council election. He had 714 votes, which is 62.74% of total votes. Also winning seats were Perry Barr, Carole Jung Jordan, and Fritz T. Charles.
Barr was the second highest vote-getter at 694 votes and 60.98%
Other candidates who did not win seats included Anny Cochrane, Shadi Rabi, and incumbent council member Mark Springer who launched a write-in campaign.
The Canvass Board certified the election results on October 4th, 2018. The newly elected council members will take their oaths and be sworn in during Tuesday’s meeting.
Ending a 9 year career on council will be current Mayor Richard Robb. Others whose terms are up include Mark Springer, Brian Henry, and Vice Mayor Fred Watson who is keeping his seat.
From the 3611 registered voters, there was a total of 1197 properly cast ballots. Voter turnout was at 33.15%.
Proposition 1: Shall the City of Bethel adopt a local option to prohibit the sale of alcoholic beverages failed. The No votes totaled 623 to the 557 Yes votes. Bethel will keep its “wet” status.
Yup’ik translators were available during absentee in person voting as well as at each of the polling places during election day. Kids were also welcome and encouraged to vote at the polls for the 2018 Kids Vote program. On the ballot were 4 pets and the Dog won with 82 votes.
In 2017 there were 3611 registered voters, the same as this year, according to election result archives, and there were 701 properly cast ballots.
City of Bethel 2018 Unofficial Election Results
City Council

Fred Watson, 714
Perry Barr, 694
Carole Jung Jordan, 665
Fritz T. Charles, 537
Anny Cochrane, 502
Shadi Rabi, 376
Mark Springer (write-in), 162
Proposition 1
Yes: 557
No: 623
Bethel Kids Vote Results, ages 2-7
Dog, 82
Cat, 43
Snake, 22
Fish, 20