Bethel Branch Manager named Wells Fargo Alaska Volunteer of the Year

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by David J. Kennedy

Bethel Winter House to receive $2,000 in Cochrane’s honor

Wells Fargo has named Bethel Branch Manager Jon Cochrane as its Alaska Volunteer of the Year for 2016. Wells Fargo will donate $2,000 to the Bethel Winter House in Cochrane’s honor.

Cochrane averaged more than 40 hours of community service per month in the Bethel community last year. He serves in a board leadership capacity for the Bethel Winter House, Bethel Family Clinic, Bethel Actors Guild, City of Bethel finance committee, and City of Bethel Planning Commission. Cochrane was featured on the Wells Fargo Stories site for his instrumental role in opening Bethel’s first winter homeless shelter in 2013, which has since saved many lives.

David J. Kennedy is the Alaska Regional Communications Officer for Wells Fargo Bank.