Bethel Archers compete in tournament

Bethel Archers shoot during last week's tournament. Above is Avery Hoffman warming up his bow. Photo by Greg Lincoln

by Rafe Johnson

Sixty Bethel Archers competed this past Friday and Saturday against themselves and the Tri County Schools in Dayton, Ohio. This is the last tournament before the Bethel Archers will compete at the State Tournament on February 16th. Coach Johnson and Wheeler would like to thank all the volunteers that helped put on the tournament at the Gladys Jung Gymnasium.

Sr. High Results


Place, Name, School, Score

1st Caleb Kirchner, TV, 284

2nd Gareth Rice, Bethel, 284

3rd Sam Beans-Polk, Bethel, 278


1st Madisen Smith, Bethel, 273

2nd Johnna Siegrist, TV, 273

3rd Brianna Evan, Bethel, 263

Jr. High Results


1st Tyler Laraux, Bethel, 279

2nd Ellis Johnson, Bethel, 270

3rd Axel Madson, Bethel, 263


1st Jordan Wheeler, Bethel, 274

2nd Kayla Beckham, Bethel, 271

3rd Rylee Murphy, Bethel, 265

Elementary Results


1st Jordan Meyers, TCN, 252

2nd Matthew Chagluak, Bethel, 252

3rd Noah Finkbine, TV, 252


1st Kaylie St. Vincent, Bethel, 253

2nd Briella Herron, Bethel, 233

3rd Scarlett Miller, Bethel, 218