Bethel 4th of July Celebration Parade

For the 4th of July in Bethel, the City of Bethel will be organizing a grand parade “United We Stand, Coming Together to Celebrate” for the celebration of Independence Day. There will be no fairgrounds at Pinky’s Park due to COVID-19.

The parade route will start at the South Boat Harbor then does a counterclockwise loop around the city going through: Avenues neighborhood, Bethel Heights, Uivik Subdivision, Tundra Ridge, then back to Bethel Heights, goes through City Subdivision, then out towards Blueberry Subdivision, then Larson Subdivision, then Kasayuli Subdivision and head back towards Q2/Hoffman Subdivision, 1st Ave neighborhood, then to Front Street to end.

The total distance of the entire parade route is 25.2 miles. It is required for all vehicles/floats have liability coverage.

The Parade Judging Area will be at the front of the Port Office. The float/vehicle contest that will be held at the end of the parade at City Hall. The maximum speed of each vehicle will be 25 MPH, 15 MPH in denser neighborhoods. Lead Public Safety Vehicle will set the pace.

Prizes include:

$300 – 1st place prize, $200 – 2nd place prize, $100 – 3rd place prize, and $100 – People’s Choice Award (will be held electronically).

Some of the judging categories for the floats will include: Most Creative, Most Colorful, Most Decorative, Most Comical or Entertaining, Best Business, Best Non-Profit and Most Participation.

You can submit your parade entry form to Public Works Administration or go to to enter.

Have a great and safe 4th of July!