BCSF Announces 2017 Give+Get Drawing

by BCSF Staff

Bethel Community Services Foundation (BCSF) announces that the third annual Give+Get Drawing in 2017 will reward two lucky donors who choose to Pick.Click.Give. to a Y-K Delta-based nonprofit. The first place winner will earn $1,000 and the second place winner will earn $500.

“BCSF’s goal is to increase giving through Pick. Click. Give. to the Y-K Delta nonprofits who have applied to be part of that campaign,” said Michelle DeWitt, Executive Director of BCSF. So far, three individuals have won prizes in the drawing during the past two years: Joan Dewey in 2015, and Melody Hoffman (first place) and Mae Engler (2nd place, which was created in the second year of the campaign) in 2016.

According to DeWitt, what makes this drawing unique is that the winners will also receive another prize: the ability to designate which of the seven participating nonprofits will receive a matching $1,000 and $500 award from BCSF. The gift to the nonprofit was intended to “continue the spirit of giving and leverage more dollars to a nonprofit in our region,” said DeWitt. “We thought it would add to the fun and the intention of the drawing to not only give the individual winner cash, but also give that lucky person the opportunity to pick an organization they care about to win, too.” BCSF is contributing the $7,000 cash and advertising costs for the project. Thus far in the first two years of the drawing, $2,500 was awarded to individuals and $2,500 was awarded to participating nonprofit groups.

With an incentive to win $1,000 or $500, BCSF expects more donors will participate in the Pick.Click.Give. campaign and select a Y-K Delta organization for their contribution. The seven organizations from our region listed with Pick.Click.Give. & participating in the Give+Get Drawing are Bethel Family Clinic, Yuut Elitnaurviat, KYUK, and Tundra Women’s Coalition – which have all participated in the past- and new groups Bethel Search & Rescue, Kuimarvik (whose proceeds will be allocated to the YK Delta Lifesavers to support swimming opportunities at the YK Fitness Center) and Bethel Friends of Canines.

The minimum Pick.Click.Give. donation is $25, and only people who file electronically have the opportunity to participate in Pick.Click.Give. Donors will receive one entry for each participating organization he or she contributes to for a maximum of seven entries into the drawing. Donors must provide their name when they Pick.Click.Give. in order to be entered into the Give+Get Drawing. BCSF will hold the drawing on #GivingTuesday on Tuesday, November 28, 2017 as part of the #bethelgives campaign.

DeWitt said that individuals who filed for their PFD without choosing to Pick.Click.Give. can go back to the system and add a contribution or make a change to their contributions. To do this, PFD filers should visit pfd.alaska.gov and clicking the Green “Add or Change My Pick.Click.Give. Donation” button. More information & official drawing rules are listed at www.bcsfoundation.org/drawing.