Bavilla Merritt

Jan. 23, 1939 – Dec. 6, 2020

Bavilla Merritt of Goodnews Bay passed peacefully in his home on December 6, 2020. He was born on January 23, 1939. Bavilla married Annie Merritt, his girls were Carolyn, Karin and husband Tucker Evans, Sharon, and Brendalee, and sons James, Joseph and wife Tracy, Teddy and wife Fredricka, and Bavilla Jr.

His grandchildren are Derek Charlie, Melania Merritt, Bradly Ulron, Lilian and Pearl Merritt, Jodi Merritt, Melody, Blaze, and TJ Evans with Miszenna, Kayla, and William Evans, Melissa, Ronald and Trisha Merritt, Martha and Teddy Carter Jr., Mary Rose and Ronald Coolidge, and Susie and Willis Clayborn.

Bavilla Merritt had a loving heart, he was a wonderful person. He was kind to everyone. He was helpful to those who needed any kind of help. He was an excellent cook, a successful provider for his family, a very hard worker, a very smart person, and a perfect gentleman. He made everyone’s life a little bit happier. Bavilla loved his family and made sure they were always fed and taken care of.

January 7, 1990 Bavilla married Annie and spent 30 years as her loving husband. He loved his children and grandchildren and taught them all to follow God and to believe in His word. Every day Bavilla would sit at the table and read his Yup’ik Bible. He was a strong believer and his faith in God was neverending.

He talked about God and the Bible and shared what he knew about God. He wanted everyone to know God’s word. He cared about everyone, he shared what he could, he gave what he could, and he never turned anyone away; he helped everyone he was able to. We all were very thankful for him and what he did for us.

He could play the harmonica and we all loved to hear him play. He would play from heart Gospel songs and was able to read music too. Bavilla had many friends and loved ones in his life. We love you dad with all our hearts and thank you for being in our lives.

Bavilla Merritt Sr. is survived by his wife Annie Merritt, sister Anna Beavers, and brother James Smith. He was preceded in death by his parents James and Melania Merritt, daughters Sarah Merritt and Emma Coolidge, son Ronald Merritt, brothers Denis and Samuel Merritt, sister Sarah Martin, and first wife Annie B. Merritt.

The family of Bavilla Merritt thanks everyone who showed their condolences, the health aides for coming to see him, and everyone who helped during this event.