Basile is new K300 Race Manager

Paul Basile of Bethel has been named the first ever full-time Race Manager for the Kuskokwim 300. Basile will replace Madi Reichard, who stepped down from her part-time position effective July 1st. Basile will manage all aspects of the race, including its gaming operation, racing, and daily administrative tasks.

Paul Basile first moved to Bethel in 2002 as a volunteer. Soon after, he took an interest in dog mushing, working as handler and competing in numerous local races, including the Akiak Dash. After a stint in the lower 48, Paul and his wife Katie, who grew up in the region, moved back to Bethel in 2015 and started a family.

“We love Bethel and we are proud to call it home,” said Basile. “I’m thrilled by the opportunity to work for the Kuskokwim 300, an event with such a storied history and such significance for our community. I’m honored to be a part of it’s future.”

Basile will establish regular office hours at Angstman Law Office, which has long been the location of the K300 office.

Reichard served as manager for three years as well as teaching at LKSD.

“It has been one of my greatest honors working for the K300 and with our local and statewide mushing community to continue the tradition of dog mushing. I am thankful to my friends, family, the board and my hometown for all the support I have been given over the three years. Quyaamci tamarpeci.”