Ballot proposition ordinance to increase alcohol beverage sales tax

A proposed ordinance is on the City of Bethel council’s next agenda that would submit to the qualified voters of Bethel a ballot proposition amending the Bethel Municipal Code to increase the alcoholic beverage sales tax if the ordinance is introduced and is adopted.

Ordinance 17-36, to be introduced by council member Leif Albertson, seeks to increase the alcohol beverage sales tax from 12% to 15% and to dedicate 3% of the revenue generated from the tax to health, public safety, and social service uses related to alcoholic beverages.

The ordinance, if goes as proposed, would result in an election where the majority of qualified voters would decide on the question of whether or not to approve the tax increase.

This item is currently on council’s consent agenda for the June 13th, 2017 regular city council meeting.