Azachorok Inc. urges Calista to consider Shareholder Vote on Donlin Creek Mine

by Azachorok Inc.

In response to the AVCP news release opposing Donlin Creek Mine, Azachorok Inc. has submitting a resolution to the Calista Board of Directors requesting a shareholder vote on the issue at the next Annual Shareholder Meeting in 2020.

In recent news, AVCP overwhelmingly voted to withdraw a 2006 resolution supporting the Donlin Creek mine, and then voted to pass a separate resolution that opposes it. Since the beginning of the development, many shareholders have been vocal about their stance on this issue as it contradicts longstanding Yup’ik values of responsible land and resource stewardship. Some communities are torn between development and jobs or protecting subsistence resources during the escalating climate change phenomenon.

Azachorok Chairman & President Loren Peterson says there’s a more practical way to resolve this controversial issue.

“We’d like to see the shareholders having a say in this critical debate through an advisory vote. Such a vote will allow a democratic process for the Calista Board of Directors to be informed of accurate shareholder support to inform their decision to continue to withdraw the development.” Peterson also added, “We hope other organizations will pass similar resolutions and send them to Calista to increase pressure to resolve this in a fair process.”

While there may be decades of revenue for Calista and village corporations, the issue of development remains controversial as development may benefit tribes in some regions and negatively impact the subsistence lifestyle in areas in close proximity to the mine.

Azachorok Inc. is an ANCSA village corporation with approximately 519 shareholders residing in Western Alaska and throughout the state and country with offices in Anchorage and Mountain Village.