AVCP Natural Resources lays roll in Summer Fire Season Prep

by AVCP Staff

While most people in our region are focused on navigating our cold snowy January days, AVCP’s Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is already working with other experts from across the state to prepare for next summer’s wildfire season.

AVCP Resource Coordinator, Paige Petersen took part in the Alaska Wildland Fire Coordination Group’s January meeting in Anchorage. Paige serves on the Chair of the Fuel management Committee. The group is made up of wildfire experts from state, federal and tribal agencies.

Paige Petersen, AVCP Resource Coordinator: “Taking the time to prepare and coordinate efforts in the cold of winter is essential for effectively managing fire well before the weather turns hot and dry. AVCP’s voice is heard by this group as collectively we do everything in our power to protect our people and our land from wildfire.”

2022 was a particularly hot and dry summer across Alaska and our region. More than three million acres were impacted by fire state-wide-our region saw its fair share of fire.

This group will continue to meet throughout the winter and spring to discuss communication strategies, operational considerations and equipment purchasing options. AVCP is particularly interested in working with Native-owned companies to purchase firefighting equipment whenever possible.

As the fire season approaches, look to AVCP to provide updates and tips for keeping you, your village, and your land safe from wildfire.