AVCP Bethel Head Start Class of 2018 Thanks

The AVCP Bethel Head Start Class of 2018 would like to thank Calista, Alaska Commercial Co., Swanson’s, Bethel Native Corp., YK Delta Lifesavers, Subway, OTNC and everyone for all their donations towards Graduation.
Lorli Crow
Bethel, AK

Support for Peterson for Calista Board
I know Loren Peterson and support him for the Calista Board for Unit 3. I’ve known Loren since he was very young and know he is the ideal candidate for the Calista Board. He is trustworthy and business savvy. His heart is also in the Lower Yukon.
Alma Elia
St. Mary’s, AK

Vote for Loren
I’m urging others to vote for Loren Peterson for Calista Board for Unit 3. I work with Loren on the Azachorok Board and he did a great job as Chairman & CEO of Azachorok.
Loren has business integrity and is experienced in the SBA 8(a) program and has a network of resources that can be beneficial to maximize revenue for Calista Corporation. He also has shown he has innovative ideas when it comes to solutions. He led the Kusilvak Economic Development & Advocacy Alliance Summit with the intent to unite communities to advocate on issues more effectively and to leverage more dollars for economically disadvantaged communities.
Vote for Loren. He will stand up in the face of adversity for what is right. Calista will benefit with him as a Director as he supports more fiscal responsibility, transparency and accountability like he has shown at Azachorok. Quyana.
Peter Andrews
Mountain Village, AK

Mark Begich announces run for Governor
Dear Friend,
I know there has been a lot of speculation, but I wanted to share the news with you first. I am running for Governor because the stakes could not be higher. Alaska is my home and I will not sit back and watch our state continue to fall behind.
When a majority of Alaskans believe our state is headed in the wrong direction, it is time to put faith and vision back into our leadership.
I know we can do better.
As many of you know, Deborah and I are small business owners and Jacob just finished his sophomore year at West High in Anchorage. We are engaged in our community and proud to call Alaska home, but we also worry about the same things as our neighbors:
·With the highest unemployment rate in the country, how are we going to diversify our economy so that we not only protect today’s jobs, but also build a future for our kids here in Alaska?
·With the FBI labeling Alaska the “most dangerous state” in the country, when will we finally address the crime and drugs that are ravaging communities across our state?
·With years of out of control state spending, when will we stand up to politicians that want a piece of your PFD instead of solving the actual problem?
With challenges like these, I am deeply concerned about the dangerous vision from the leading Republican candidate. We can and we must do better.
Every day I meet hard-working Alaskans that remind me of the determination, innovation, and grit that make this the best place to live. I am running for Governor because I want to keep it that way.
I know – we took this decision down to the wire and that’s because family was a big consideration. Losing my dad when I was 10 has made me understand just how lucky I am to spend so much time with Jacob. It’s the little moments like him asking me how to tie a necktie that have reminded me these are the questions I never had the chance to ask my dad. The thought of missing a single one of those moments is tough.
So, Deborah, Jacob, and I have talked about this a lot and we know what signing up for a campaign and public life means. Most importantly, however, we decided together that nothing would be as hard as sitting back and watching our state continue to struggle.
We can’t waste another minute and we can’t do this without your help and support. Please sign up to join our team today.
You know me. You have known my family for decades. And you know that I don’t sit on the sidelines when there is a problem to be solved. That’s why I am running for Governor because I know that together we can build a safer, stronger future for all Alaskans.
I am on your side, but I can’t do this without you on mine. Let’s get to work. Thank you.
Mark Begich
Anchorage, AK