Atmautluak Sled Dog Race results

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The Levi A. and Henry J. Nicholai Memorial Sled Dog Race took place on March 24-25, 2017. The events were sponsored by the Atmautluak Traditional Council. There were dog races for the men, for women, teenagers, and kids with cash prizes. In the Kids’ 1-dog race, Donovak Egoak took first place. Their race had a total distance of 2,314.19 feet with 7 mushers.

In the Teen race, which had a 4-dog limit, John J. Nicholai took first with a time of 8 mins and 35 seconds. The total distance was 2.5 miles and there were 4 teams competing.

For the Women, Diane Nick took first. She outmushed two other competitors and won the 6 mile race with a time of 12 mins 48 seconds.

The Men’s race took place over 2 days. Winning first was John Hanson Jr. He had the fasted combined time for the 12-mile per day race. His total time was 1:03. There was a total of 6 mushers in the event.

Levi A. and Henry J. Nicholai Memorial Sled Dog Race Results

Kids’ 1-Dog Race

1st Donovan Egoak

2nd Calvin Nicholai

3rd Jordan Jacob

4th Thomas Nicholai

5th Nuqcue/Moses Nick

6th Alissa Egoak

7th Kayleigh Pavilla

Teen 4-Dog Race

1st John J. Nicholai, 8:35

2nd Thomas Nicholai, 9:01

3rd Derek Pavilla, 10:29

4th Nikki Nick, 11:45

Women’s 6 Mile Race

1st Diane Nick, 12:48

2nd Elizabeth Nicholai, 20:37

3rd Sophie Jacob, 26:00

Men’s 2-Day 12 Mile Race

1st John Hanson Jr., 1:03:00

2nd Cory Simon, 1:04:35

3rd Nicholai Nick, 1:31:45

4th Maurice Andrew, 1:40:47

5th John J. Nicholai, 1:50:10

6th Brandon Pavilla, 3:11:08