Arrive Alive – a Tribal Transportation Safety Project funded through the Federal Highways Administration

by the Native Village of Napaimute

1-9-16 TTSP Report #4:* “Native Ingenuity”


A holiday warm spell with extended temperatures above freezing, wind, and rain greatly improved rough River ice conditions.

While waiting for the warm weather to pass and the overflow to harden back up the NVN Kalskag Ice Road Crew put their heads together, resurrected some more old equipment, made modifications for ice road work, and did further preparations to finish the work they started before Christmas – opening Upriver Route 1 – Kalskag to Tuluksak.

With Crews monitoring the refreeze of the River, the reestablishment of the route was restarted on January 8. Upriver Route 1 is now plowed, road markers installed, and all known open water is marked.

Andrew “Stiffa” Kameroff, Jr. worked with “Big Miska” – an old all-terrain fuel tanker left behind in Kalskag years ago by a contractor working on the airport while Tim Alexie rode the Little Bull – an old log skidder doing double duty as an ice road plow.


We are glad that Upriver Route 1 is finally open but remind travelers to use caution and be prepared. This is a plowed road and because of the berms will be very susceptible to drifting snow if we get a storm. Please check the weather before traveling. At the minimum carry a shovel, spare tire, and warm clothes.

Thank you to all that provided support to the establishment of this route: Native Village of Lower Kalskag, Tuluksak IRA, and Akiak IRA.

Our next project is Upriver Route 2 – Kalskag to Aniak.

Thank you.

*Please note that this report is for informational purposes only. It is not an advisory that it is safe to travel.