Anthony E. Peterson

January 23, 1947 – December 18, 2020

Anthony E. Peterson was born in old Andreafsky January 23, 1947 to George Peterson and his Mother Mary Nayamin Peterson. The Lord called him home on December 18, 2020.

When his parents died, he went and lived with his brother Charlie Peterson. For many who knew him, they knew him for someone who was very kind, friendly, entertaining, caring, helpful, considerate, and an unselfish person who often helped on his own time to help others.

He was a Plumber for the City of Mountain Village PHS, he worked as a fish collector for the Azachorok, Inc., he was a Commercial Fisherman, trapper, hunter, hard worker and did what he could for his family and friends. He enjoyed managing, picking berries and playing BINGO with friends and relatives, listening to the radio, enjoyed being with nephews, always joking around, had a sense of humor and made people he knew laugh.

Tony loved to travel and go on adventures. He loved to do subsistence as in hunting and fishing to help his family and close friends. He lived off the land and taught the skill that God gifted him. Tony’s smile and laughter is unforgettable, he lit up our life with his presence. We all fell in love with his love for life, he was very adventurous and full of humor that cheered up anyone and everyone.

Tony is preceded in death by his parents George Peterson and Mary Nayamin Peterson, brothers Charlie Peterson, Mathew Peterson, Pete Peterson, William Peterson Sr., Ignatius Long, Willie Long, John Long, Peter Long and his sisters Irene Beans, Mary Joe and Theresa Francis. He leaves behind his brother John Elia, and his two sisters Lena Long, and Maria Sudo.

We would like to give thanks to all those who have donated their time during our time in need. We are eternally grateful for all the uplifting prayers during this very difficult time of our great loss. Give thanks to the City of Mountain Village. We are grateful for the Anchorage Legacy Funeral Home in Anchorage for preparing Tony to come home.

Thank you to Elmer Beans for traveling to Old Andreafski to say the burial for us. Thank you to the cross-maker Jimmy Queenie, grave diggers Jack Polty, Wade Peterson, Eric Walters, David Peterson, George Peterson and Nick Long. We would also like to thank everyone we have not mentioned, your support and time were greatly appreciated.