Angniq Alussistuaq

by Greg Lincoln

Akiak enjoyed the first ever community Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony on Dec. 9th, 2022. Pastor Kashatok opened with a prayer for a blessed Christmas, there was drumming and Yuraq, hot cocoa and candy canes and Christmas carols enjoyed by many community members
photo by Alberta Demantle

We have been loving this Christmas holiday, spending it with friends and family, the church services and holiday programs, the gifts, and being able to get together instead of being isolated one from another as in years past. We saw folks socializing, exchanging presents, singing, and celebrating the Christmas season with renewed joy and enthusiasm. That is what we like to see.

This year marks the 18th year of our family running the Delta Discovery newspaper with your generous help, contributions, and encouragement. Without any of those components, we would not have been able to do what we do and love.

As in years past, we will be taking a week off the first week of January. We hope to rest and relax and then be ready to go in 2023 – we are looking forward to what the new year will bring. You can always reach us by email.

Happy New Year everyone and we wish you the very best. Quyana cakneq!

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