Andrews wins 100-Mile Challenge dog race

by K.J. Lincoln

First place finisher Maurice Andrews of Bethel drives his team towards the finish line during last Saturday’s 100-Mile Challenge. Photo by Greg Lincoln

This past weekend featured another win for musher Maurice Andrews of Bethel. He and his team from the Simons Family Glare Ice Kennel won the Kuskokwim 300 Race Committee sponsored 100-Mile Challenge.

Andrews led a field of 12 mushers in the out and back race that began early Saturday. He finished at 5:42pm with 10 dogs in harness. In lead was Serious Business. At the halfway mark, Andrews was in first position with an 11 minute lead over Ryan Jackson. There was a mandatory 2-hour layover before mushers could head back to Bethel.

Winning second place honors was Matt Scott mushing with his Double Haul Husky Kennel of Bethel. He crossed the finish line at 5:55pm. Scott headed into the halfway point in 5th place overall and was a minute faster than Nicholas Ayapan and Solomon Olick.

Andrews won the Season Opener, the Bogus Creek 150, and his team also won the Akiak Dash. He came in 3rd in the Holiday Classic, second in the Bethel Sprint Race, and 4th at the 2018 Western Alaska Sprint Championships. He is also the winner of the February 50 Race.

The Red Lantern Award went to Carl Ekamrak of Akiachak. The total purse for the race was $20,000.

100 Mile Challenge Race Results

1st Maurice Andrews in at 5:42, $2783

2nd Matt Scott in at 5:55, $2533

3rd Nicholas Ayapan in at 6:01, $2,333

4th Willie Larson in at 6:03 $2, 033

5th Mike Williams Jr in at 6:10 $1,933

6th Ryan Jackson in at 6:11 $1,783

7th Joe Demantle in at 6:17 $1,533

8th Isaac Underwood in at 6:20 $1,333

9th Solomon Olick in at 6:24 $1,133

10th Jim George in at 7:18 $983

11th Victoria Hardwick in at 7:22 $833

12th Carl Ekamrak in at 7:58 $683