An interesting trip to Arizona

by Peter Twitchell

It was a very interesting trip to the State of Arizona. I was surprised that the terrain was not flat but mountainous and rough with steep rocky mountain ranges and deep valleys, perhaps much like the Grand Canyon.

It is getting to be late winter but there was melting snow on the mountain tops in Flagstaff, and some snow on the high lands.

What surprised me was the lack of lakes and rivers.

The Colorado River was the most noteable. It ran right alongside of Harrah’s Laughlin Hotel and Casino. It was the prettiest blue/green water clear and swift. That’s about all the water I saw including the Davis Dam outside Laughlin, Nevada.

The Navajo People are friendly and helpful. I felt right at home with them and learned a few words in Navaho. They live on organized Reservations. By that I mean grade through high school, fire stations, jails, municipal buildings, fast foods, major grocery stores and shops – much like Anchorage, local and tribal governments, trains, spas, major restaurants available to them in Flagstaff and Phoenix, and Tuba City.

On the plains of the Reservations dwellings were spread out. It was lovely desert with flowers, cactus, scrubs, hills with pine trees, ferns, and alder and birch trees.

I was on a couple Navajo ranches and saw sheep, cattle, horses, and it was all good and beautiful. It was hard work for sure having to haul grain, hay, and water too.

Thank you to the People of Arizona.