Alcohol Package Store license protest resolutions coming up

Aproposed resolution to protest the Bethel Liquor Package Store is on the Bethel City Council’s agenda for their February 28, 2017 meeting. Resolution 17-02 is currently on the consent agenda. The store has an address of 110 Osage Street which is across from Ridgecrest Cemetery.

The Orutsararmiut Native Council (ONC) for the Native Village of Bethel submitted a letter protesting that any one business in Bethel should not have more than one liquor license. ONC also stated in their letter that they feel the location is situated too close to a transitional correctional facility and is also too close to the cemetery.

“Many Native Americans and Churches view cemeteries as ‘Sacred Ground’,” said the letter and that “should be respected and undisturbed. Many of our ancestors, relatives, residents and military veterans have been laid to rest on those sacred grounds and we view it as disrespectful for anybody wanting to open a liquor store directly across these sacred grounds.”

Another resolution to protest another liquor package store license application is also on the consent agenda. Proposed Resolution 17-03 is protesting the Kusko Liquor Store located at 801 Front Street. A letter from City Manager Peter Williams to council states that there is a parking issue at the location.

Letters from the Kasigluk Tribal Council and the Native Village of Nunapitchuk have been submitted protesting the liquor licenses and have been shared with council.