Alcohol does not care

by Sarah Jasper

I come in a lot of names, Budweiser, vodka, wine and others. No matter what the name, as long as it has alcohol, I’m it. I’m found in liquor stores, bars and everywhere it’s legal, or illegal.
When a person takes alcohol, I could make them do things what they think they wouldn’t do when they are sober. I like it when they lie to drink me. Some get false courage, and when they get sober, they wonder what happened, and when they realized what they did, and it was embarrassing, I laugh at them.
I lie to them, or make them think that they are going to drink a little, or make them feel relaxed and feel good. These people that drink me end up being drunk, and I make them do things unimaginable. These people end up in jail for protective custody. Some end up for a month or for years. I’m the root of everything evil. I can make them rape women. I create fights, I love it when people swear and argue with each other. I like to watch best friends not friends anymore. If you consume me, you name it I can make you do it as longs as it’s to destroy you.
I like it when mothers drink me so their babies will not be normal. They call it FAS/D. These babies have a lot of problems since birth. Other kids make fun of them, and they are not normal kids. Later in life they are problem kids.
I let the children suffer when their parents drink me. I make them go hungry and go without food or clothing. I make them think their parents don’t love them, because when the parents drink, they don’t seem to care for anything but me. Parents will do anything to buy me. In some villages I cost anywhere from $50.00 to $120.00 or more.
Its fun to watch the parents lose their children when OCS takes them put them in foster homes. Some parents will try and take their children back, but to some I’m more important than their children.
I like to destroy marriages and couples that are together. I let the husband beat on his partner and make her face black and blue. Some end up in the hospital and I laugh even harder when the wife or the partner dies, because he will never forget what he did, and will feel sorry and regret what he did for the rest of his life.
Some drink me as young as 7 years old. They steal me when their parents are passed out. Some drink me in their teens, some drink me every day and after work to relax. I let them lose their jobs when they can’t do without me anymore.
Practically in every village, there’s someone who died drinking me. I love to watch families suffer. I like to watch families cry for their loved one who has died because of me. I don’t care because I have no feelings for anyone. These families grieve as long as they live.
Some people never learn is what I like the most. They drink me every day even they get in trouble all the time. These people will do anything to have me. They will lie, steal and cheat to have me. Some will borrow $1.00, $5.00 from different people until they have enough to buy me.
If you don’t believe me take a good look around and see if I’m lying. I’m powerful, I’m strong and will let you do things you wouldn’t do when you are sober. Some will try to do without me. But as I said I’m powerful, I make them grumpy, edgy and I make them want me. After they drink me, they are okay for a while and it keeps going on and on.
What I really don’t like is when people want to quit drinking me, even just the thought of quitting. Then I’ll do anything to prevent that. I’ll let them see empty beer bottles, empty vodka bottles side of the road, this makes them want me. I’ll even make their so-called friends offer me to them, free. When I’m advertised in television commercials their mouths waters to have me. After people quit drinking me, I’ll go back and remind them I’m still there and try to make them want me.
I don’t like preachers in the church, wellness counselors, and people that speak against me. What I most hate of all is the name of Jesus. He has the power to drive me away. The devil and I go hand in hand. We’ll do anything to prevent people from going to church. That’s why I’m mostly available on weekends so people will have hang over Sunday mornings and not go to church. If you think I’m lying, I dare you to drink me, I’m powerful, I don’t have feelings for anyone. I like to watch people suffer, and I don’t care.
This article has been reprinted by request.

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