Alaskans for Better Elections turns in signatures for certification

The Alaskans for Better Elections ballot committee started a statewide collection of signatures to be certified after a judge’s ruling on October 23rd, 2019. Today, the Alaskans for Better Elections turned in over 41,000 signatures exceeding the 28,368 signatures needed to get onto the ballot.

This submission marks the first step to being certified and placed on the ballot in 2020. Alaskans for Better Elections is the first ballot initiative group to have turned in the required signatures this year, and will now await certification by the Alaska Division of Elections.

The group was told today (January 8th, 2020) by state election officials they will receive word of certification no later than 60 days from today.

“Literally, tens of thousands of Alaskans said ‘we are ready for positive reforms to our elections’,” said Chair of the initiative and former independent State Representative for District 22 in West Anchorage, Jason Grenn. “It’s incredibly exciting that so many Alaskans see the benefits of this initiative and have signed their name in support.”

The initiative would put an end to secret “dark money”—much of which comes from outside Alaska—that anonymous, big-money spenders use to influence our elections. It would also open Alaska’s primary elections to all Alaskans, regardless of political party, and ensure majority winner elections. The measure gives voters the option to rank candidates in general elections, or, if they choose, voters can vote for just one candidate as they do now.

“We are excited to see such a comprehensive and quick gathering of support and signatures from every district in Alaska for this needed policy change. This is yet another step towards Alaska voters taking the power back through their voice and their vote.”, said Anchorage resident and campaign manager of the group supporting the initiative, Shea Siegert.

Alaskans for Better Elections is a ballot committee that’s working to put the power of Alaskan elections in the hands of Alaskan voters to make our elections more open, transparent, and fair.