Alaska State Troopers launch online reporting statewide

Avoid long hold times or a drive to a local Trooper post by reporting certain crimes online.

The Alaska State Troopers have launched a new crime reporting system that will allow Alaskans to submit information about certain crimes securely online. The new system, which is available today (June 10th, 2022), is intended for certain non-emergency incidents and situations where the suspect is not known and the crime was not witnessed. While the new online reporting system may be expanded, reports for fraud, harassing phone calls, shoplifting, theft, trespassing, and vandalism/criminal mischief are currently being accepted.

Online police reporting systems are used across the state and nation to give citizens a different path to report certain crimes to law enforcement, saving both the agency and the citizen time and resources. Before this convenient reporting option, Alaskans were forced to call a non-emergency phone number or physically go to an Alaska State Trooper post to file a police report.

“This new reporting option for Alaskans will not only free up our Troopers to respond to more calls for service but will also allow for a convenient option whenever someone may be hesitant to call or drive to a post to inform us of crime that is impacting their life,” said Alaska Department of Public Safety Commissioner James Cockrell. “Your Alaska State Troopers are committed to doing our part to address all levels of crime that occur within our state and holding anyone that victimizes Alaskans accountable.”

After a report is filed through the new system, each report is reviewed for accuracy and any needed follow-up by Alaska State Trooper professional staff members. Once the report has been reviewed and accepted, the reporter will receive an email acknowledging receipt of the report, and a second email when the report has been reviewed and accepted. This second email will contain a copy of the incident report number that can be used for insurance purposes or their personal records. The new system will be available within the Alaska State Troopers area of responsibility, and crimes occurring in an area patrolled by a local police department should still be reported directly to them.

Alaskans interested in using this option to report a crime can find more information online at: