Akiak Native Community updates COVID-19 policy

by Akiak Native Community

April 30th, 2020: The Akiak Native Community Tribal Council is issuing a current updated policy regarding the Coronavirus pandemic after the special meeting on April 30th, 2020 including flood preparations in these hard times. We continue to try to do normal things as possible and the good news is that the 1 Bethel case and 81 contacts have gone through their quarantine and there are no new cases in the region.

We will continue to be very cautious in relaxing the policies but we have to make adjustments to accommodate the possible flooding plans to evacuate the individuals experiencing flooding in their homes to the school. The Tribal Council may make modifications to protect our community at any time.

1. No out of village travel unless for essential reasons, unless flood evacuation takes place from the village;

2. If any of our citizens are coming back from out of the region, they are required to quarantine themselves for 14 days unless they have a test and results in 4 days are received, then we will honor the COVID test results;

3. No outside of the village visitors unless providing essential emergency services;

4. There will be no gathering of more than 25 residents at any time, if they do, they have to be 6 feet apart, use masks, rubber gloves, hand sanitizers if available;

5. Those that are having bad colds, coughing, and signs of flu will not be allowed in any of the public buildings;

6. No visiting other homes as much as possible. Please stay at home;

7. Curfew for elementary children is 10:00 pm. High School 11:00 pm.

8. Our Tribal Police will continue to increase their patrols until further notice, if you see suspected bootleggers of liquor, please turn in their names to the Akiak Tribal Court for prosecution. Akiak Native Community will not tolerate this. Enough is enough;

9. Akiak Native Community will support the policies of the Kokarmiut Corporation store until further notice. At this time, Akiak residents are only allowed to shop. If outside residents need to shop, call ahead of time and the groceries or fuel will be delivered to a safe location;

10. Akiak Native Community will work with the Akiak City Council to make sure that our residents are supported in these tough times. ANC, City of Akiak, Kokarmiut Corporation, School District and other agencies will work together on the flood preparation to make sure all are protected.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call 907-765-2061 or 765-7112 anytime. My email: [email protected]. Stay healthy and may our God protect us all.

Respectfully, on Behalf of the Akiak Native Community,

Mike Williams, Sr., Chief

Akiak Native Community