Air and Army Guard rescue 2 hikers at Mt. Marathon

by Pvt. Grace Nechanicky

An Alaska Army National Guard medevac unit and pararescuemen from the Air National Guard’s 212th Rescue Squadron rescued two hikers the evening of July 17 at Mount Marathon.

According to the Alaska Rescue Coordination Center, the two individuals, who were a father and son from Hungary, were hiking the mountain when they encountered a bear.

They left the trail in an attempt to avoid the animal, when the terrain became increasingly difficult to navigate.

Upon being unable to return to the trail, the individuals contacted the Alaska State Troopers, who requested assistance from the AK-RCC for coordination with National Guard assets.

The Army Guard responded with a medevac UH-60 Black Hawk, assigned to 1st Battalion, 207th Aviation, and also transported the two Air Guard pararescuemen to assist with the rescue effort.

Once the aircraft arrived in the vicinity, rescue personnel were able to visually locate the distressed hikers and hoist them into the helicopter.

The individuals were released to the Alaska State Troopers in Seward.

For the rescue, 1-207th Aviation, 212th Rescue Squadron, and the AK-RCC were awarded two saves.