AFN strongly supports condemning violence

The Alaska Federation of Natives stands solidly behind our Alaska Congressional Delegation, and in particular our Senior U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski, in condemning the January 6th violence in the capitol against democratically elected officials and their staffs, the Capitol Police, and others during the riot last week. We were horrified to see videos of the beating of police officers and the terror faced by people trapped in the Capitol.

“We support the full weight of the law to be used to protect our country and ensure there is accountability for the actions of the perpetrators as well as those who appear to have planned this attack,” said Julie Kitka, AFN President.

AFN’s message to Senator Murkowski is that we support the call for President Trump’s resignation. We thank her for her leadership and ask her to continue to press ahead with courage and conviction and do what is right.

“Senator Murkowski’s wisdom and commitment to lead by acknowledging and speaking the truth will continue to restore confidence in our country and our democracy,” said Ana Hoffman, AFN Co-Chair.

“Senator Murkowski has been a consistent and brave voice of reason, especially during some very trying times in the country. It is in the best interest of the country for President Trump to resign and allow the country to move toward healing,” said Joe Nelson, AFN Co-Chair.