Acting on tip, Togiak officers seize illegal alcohol

A recent seizure of illegal alcohol in the Village of Togiak highlights the work of law enforcement to prevent illegal substances from hitting the streets. Last week, Togiak Tribal Police Officers (TPOs) prevented a significant amount of alcohol from making its way into the community, acting on a tip of attempted smuggling via air. Togiak is a local option community in which alcohol is prohibited.
On Thursday, October 11, a Togiak TPO with the assistance of the Togiak Tribal Court acted on a tip of alcohol being imported into the village by air cargo. As a result, local tribal authorities seized 81 750ml bottles of whiskey, and seven one-gallon jugs of whiskey disguised in apple juice containers. Approximate street value of the seized alcohol was estimated at $32,000.
“The great police work of the Togiak Police Department is another example of the important work law enforcement does to protect our communities,” Alaska Department of Public Safety Commissioner Walt Monegan said. “While traffickers try seemingly-unique ways to stay ahead of police as they did in this case, law enforcement remains engaged and alert. I applaud the Togiak TPOs for their efforts, and look forward to seeing additional partnerships with them as collaboration through initiatives like the High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area Designation continue.” The incident remains under investigation.