A time to laugh

by Greg Lincoln

As we age and our life experiences expand, the moments that we spend in laugher become less frequent than when we were children. Even in serious situations there might be something funny to laugh about later if you think about it. Laughter has tremendous power because it can change how a person feels.

How can we learn to harness this power when life is so serious? There is a time for everything.

Laughter has been described as strong medicine. We all have the ability to laugh, chuckle, giggle, it is part of our human nature. It is inborn in us, we are innately endowed with this capability. When we laugh, our bodies release endorphins and we feel really good and energized.

Laughing can also help our mental health. It gives us a positive outlook even though things may not be so great. It is also good for our physical health. It boosts the immune system and infection-fighting antibodies.

It also helps your heart. Laughter makes your blood vessels function better and increases blood flow.

What do you and your friends like to do? We like to laugh, of course. We all have that friend who can tell the most hilarious stories. Through laughter you can strengthen your relationship to others so that when the time comes, when that great test of strength comes upon us, we will be able to withstand it and come through the other side intact and whole.

Our Yup’ik people are great laughers when the time and place is right. You can find elders laughing during Eskimo dances and they have such a great time. Children bring us joy and laughter, the same goes for our beloved pets.

We are thankful for the ability to laugh and to feel the stress melt away even if it is for a little while. I guess it is a choice and you will know when you are ready. So let’s find the time to laugh together, have game night with the kids, and play with the dogs.

Even in this grief journey through life laughter has its niche.

Well folks, we love that we are able to say thank you to you each week for all that you have done. No matter how small or insignificant, your thoughts and prayers are beneficial and go a long way.