A special place

by Greg Lincoln

Friends, a while back we wrote about visiting the resting place of our beloved as we, who still walk this earth, ourselves await that happy day when we will all be together again. The resting place of our loved ones is sacred ground, hallowed and spiritual, to be reverenced and holy, and it is a beautiful, thoughtful place.
There we can be free to weep, to cry, to pray, to openly let our pain manifest itself, and to talk with our loved one. It is a special place where no one will think that we are weird or out of our minds when we express our deepest of griefs and without shame visibly if we wish. It is there that we can tell them what is in our hearts and that we miss them so very much, over and over again, and how we cannot wait to see them once more when all things are done and the end is come.
It is where our precious departed are sleeping in sweetest peace. It is not a lonely place, for we are never alone. The love that we shared is still with us – it will never depart because love never dies.
We have continued to visit each day and have noticed that more and more have been arriving to await the trumpet sound. Our hearts go out to you! You are not alone! Grieving does not end and those of us who are bereaved are increasing in numbers day by day.
That means that any person you meet on the street or in school, or when you are out and about may be suffering silently and invisibly inside, in their hearts, from a loss of a loved one.
There is a quote that comes to mind: “Be kind, for everyone is fighting some kind of battle.”
Loving, motherly ladies have stopped us to give us words of encouragement. Even in public for all to see, it does not matter. They do it because they love us. They, who with all their wisdom, show us their love in their whispered words of comfort as they enfold us in their loving embrace.
We find comfort in this hope
We will be reunited together again
They look at us straight in the eye and impart this knowledge upon us, completely making sure that we understand what they are saying.
Why is it so hard? Because we have been given the most amazing and wonderful natural instinct from our Maker to love our own so infinitely, so entirely, so very completely. That is why it hurts so much to lose a child, your own flesh, your blood, one that came from your own body that you nurtured and cared for.
Sometimes it takes all of our willpower to hold back the flood of tears that threatens to break forth, like a dam breaking with a power of a raging river that none can withstand.
Thank you dear friends for your continued love and care for us. Quyana for the emails that you’ve sent and for the letters and prayers, we are so grateful. Please think of those who are bereaved and experiencing grief which comes in many levels. Safe travels and well wishes to you from our family.