A simple gift

photo by Greg Lincoln

by Greg Lincoln

There is so much to do, and so little time.

A person who is bereaved can either go two ways. One way is to go through the grieving process, the acute grief, which occurs right after the bereavement, and then readjust with a sense of normalcy and continue living a satisfying and happy life.

The other way is when the grief is too much to bear and a person cannot get over it and that leads to complications in the healing process. That is complicated grief.

The hallmark signifiers of Complicated Grief are the intense pangs of yearning for the beloved departed and deep, cavernous, abysmal sadness that no earthly thing can lessen or rule over.

Divine intervention is needed for our poor grieving friends and neighbors who are lost in this world of complicated grief. That is why we need to continue to pray for their healing constantly, fervently, and with compassion.

Compassion is to suffer with the sufferer.

Through this wonderful gift of compassion, you can alleviate or reduce the suffering of the bereaved one. And you can decide how you want to do this.

Divine intervention, the first and last resort to control and seize this longstanding grief.

Grief can eat you from the inside out. The debilitating pain replaces everything you want to do but it does pass. But imagine the pain not passing – that is how some people feel at this moment as we speak. We need to help them and help each other to continue to move forward in spite of all else.

A way to show that you care can be as simple as giving a small gift. Can you envision the joy you can bring to someone who is sad by giving them a present? The real gift is not the gift object itself, but the thought and the care that you feel for the person you are giving the gift to.

Another helpful thing that you can do is offer your services to help clean or organize their home. A bereaved person may not want to do anything and your help can make a great difference. You may be the key to unlocking the door.

Home is where all comfort is, your sanctuary.

Living in grief brings a new level of devotion to the things that once had been. We keep these devoted things near to our hearts – the places, the photos, anything that is of her. If we had a choice to continue our journey in this realm of grief vs. feeling nothing, we would choose grief.

Thank you for bearing with us as we continue on week after week, thank you for your understanding. Quyana to our friends for the beautiful flowers and other gifts that you have given. Please continue to remember us and others who are sad from bereavement as you meditate during the quiet solace of your prayertime and we will do the same.